Today is the 25th day of the Liberty residents’ hunger strike. 16 of hunger strikers were taken to the camp’s clinic, managed by Iraqi physicians, because their health condition had deteriorated from the ongoing hunger strike, including heart, digestive and other problems. Three of them were put under serum treatment. One of the hunger strike fainted at the site of the hunger strike. 8 people are suffering from decreasing eye sight and hearing. It is worth noting that to this day 169 of the hunger strikers have been taken to the clinic of Iraqi physicians due to the problems they have suffered from the hunger strike.

All the hunger strikers have lost an average of 5 to 10kgs and have become weak, but relying on their strong will, they are determined to continue their hunger strike to the end, until their just demands are met.

Camp Liberty Hunger Strike - Day 25
Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 25

After receiving the credible news of the relocation of the seven hostages to a special prison of Maliki in Baghdad’s Green Zone, the hunger strikers are very concerned that the hostages will be tortured in the new location and will be handed over to the Iranian regime. They are demanding urgent action by the United States and United Nations for the immediate release of these hostages; they have so far failed to fulfill their duties and they must take serious action before the situation worsens.

One of the hunger strikers said today, “While both the US and UN are fully aware of the location these hostages are held, if anything happens to them I consider them responsible because they had guaranteed the protection of Ashraf and Liberty residents. The US and UN have legal and moral responsibilities and duties vis-à-vis the lives of each and every one of the seven hostages and they must stand up to their obligations.”