Response by PMOI spokesman in Camp Liberty to Maliki’s false claims

victims of massacre at camp Ashraf, September 1, 2013
victims of massacre at camp Ashraf, September 1, 2013

In response to the Maliki’s statement today, denying the abduction of seven Ashraf residents, I state the following:

While several sources, including representatives of the United Nations and the UNHCR, confirmed having seen the hostages in Baghdad, and while according the Ms. Ashton’s letter, the presence of the hostages in Baghdad has been officially confirmed; Maliki, in a dirty deal with the Iranian regime, announced in his website that the hostages are not in Iraq, and that the Iraqi government has committed no act of violence in Ashraf on September 1st, the GoI is not aware of the subject and the PMOI (MEK) is preventing the investigation from taking place!

This ridiculous claim belies the evil intentions of Maliki’s government pertaining to the extradition of the hostages and the prevention of any investigation and the continuation of the massacre of PMOI members in camp Liberty. This happens while, on September 2, the Special Representative of the Secretary General himself viewed the bodies of 52 victims of a mass execution and crime against humanity – most of whom had their hands cuffed – and expressed his outrage.

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