Some short clips from today’s protests in Iran posted on social media:

Want to know the explosive state of affairs in #Iran? Look at this short clip. A young woman chants “death to Khamenei” to the face of State Security Forces. and people cheer up. #Iranprotests According to PMOI/MEK networks, there were protests in more than 12 cities:

There were protests in at least 12 cities across #Iran today including in Qom. As @Maryam_Rajavi pointed out, the Iranian people are clearly demanding the overthrow of the regime. In Qazvin young people chanted: “Guns, Tanks, Explosives; the mullahs must get lost” #Iranprotests

Major demonstration in #Shiraz the third most populous city of #Iran and the capital of #Fars province is still going on and people chant ‘guns, tanks, explosives do not work anymore and mullahs must get lost’ #FreeIran

Massive demonstration in #Rasht provincial city of #Gilan in North of #Iran defy mullahs regime’s security forces tonight #Regimechange #FreeIran


A new clip from #Kermanshah protest, where the suppressive forces are beating up protesters. According to PMOI/MEK network in #Iran, thousands took part in Kermanshah anti-regime protest today. #FreeIran

Please listen to young people in Qom, chanting “No to the Islamic Republic”, “death to Rouhani”, challenging the regime in its entirety. Protests in scores of cities throughout #Iran for the 2nd day. Information has been provided by the network of the PMOI/MEK in Iran #FreeIran