Protection of Iranian refugees in Iraq is litmus test for final end to Iran’s interference
17,865 lawyers, judges and jurists from across the Middle East and North Africa issued a historic statement strongly condemning Iran’s policy of continuous murders, massacres and sectarian crimes throughout the region for over three decades now. These prominent jurists, from a colorful slate of 17 different countries, expressed their abhorrence over the fact that Tehran has wreaked havoc in countries including Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain and its regional archrival, Saudi Arabia.

“This regime has no intention to end its meddling in regional countries and is seeking to compensate its failed nuclear projects through exporting crises and meddling in regional countries, and to this end overcome and place a lid on its own domestic crises. The people of Arab countries, including Iraq, Syria and Yemen comprehend that all the crimes committed against them are taking place through the direct meddling and military, arms and financial support provided by the regime ruling Iran,” the statement signatories emphasized.

The crimes and killings sprees launched by Shiite militias in Iraq that are provided with funds, arms and logistics by Iran have sparked grave anger throughout the region, as expressed in the Arab jurists’ statement, emphasizing such a policy by Tehran has rendered the “displacement of millions of innocent civilians during the past few years.” It is a known fact that the people of Syria and Iraq have been forced to live under the most atrocious and inhumane circumstances.

The city of Fallujah, located west of Baghdad, has been the scene of Iran-backed Shiite militias torching the homes of the local Sunni community and plundering their property.

The 17,865 Arab jurists from the countries of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates in their joint statement also called for serious measures by the international community, especially the U.S. government and United Nations, to guarantee the safety and security of Iranian refugees currently stationed in Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport.

 “One of the aspects of Iran’s criminal policies in Iraq is the missile attacks launched against members of its main opposition organization in Iraq. Seven lethal attacks staged by the elements of this regime in Iraq against this opposition have rendered 141 residents of camps Ashraf and Liberty killed, and more than 1,000 others wounded and injured, whereas they are considered ‘protected persons’ under the 4th Geneva Convention and the UNHCR recognizes them as refugees under international protection,” the statement continues.

The Association of Independent Jurists for Defense of Human Rights in Iraq, the main organization behind this initiative, summarized the demands raised by the thousands of Arab jurists in three articles:

  1. Ending Iran’s meddling in Iraq and Arab countries as the main element behind all the killings, instability, insecurity and the spread of sectarianism.
  2. Guaranteeing the safety and security of Liberty residents, changing the Camp Liberty management team and placing their dossier under the supervision of competent organs and individuals in the Iraqi government not under the influence of Iran and its affiliated groups.
  3. Ending the cruel siege and prison-making measures imposed on Camp Liberty, and recognizing the site as a refugee camp under UNHCR auspices.