Struan Stevenson, President of European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA): Hail to Camp Liberty residents, they will be free one day. 2800 people have been killed by fundamentalists in the past months.We must know our enemy. How was Daesh created? As Maryam Rajavi said, there was no organized Islamic theory advocating massacre of innocent people before Khomeini got to power in Iran. The root cause of Shiite and Sunni extremism is in Tehran #RajaviYes 4 #FreeIran. Both Shiite and Sunni extremism deny rights of women and want to advance their objectives by force. The head of the snake of fundamentalism is in Tehran. Churchill said all good things are simple words, love, compassion, justice, freedom and all these are in the 10-pt plan of Maryam Rajavi and NCRI. Long Live Maryam Rajavi, Long live PMOI/MEK

Maryam Rajavi enters the gathering and greets the crowd of participants


Crowd of participants hold up signs of 1000 Ashrafs

History of Iranian people’s struggle is displayed by a videoclip


Farzad Madadzadeh, 31, former political prisoner, who has recently left Iran,Farzad names his fellow inmates who were executed by the Iranian regime

Farzad: Inspired by Massoud Rajavi, I am more than ever confident  that tomorrow is ours! Victory is ours! Crowd of participants hold up signs of 1000 Ashrafs. Inspired by Massoud Rajavi, I am more than ever confident  that tomorrow is ours! Victory is ours!


Zahra Kohandel: Hail to you all, to Camp Liberty residents, to Maryam and to Massoud Rajavi who is with us in every breathe. We will build a new, free Iran. Without doubt, Iran is ours


Paria Kohandel, daughter of resistant prisoner in Iran, Saleh Kohandel, with sister Zahra and her uncle, Farzad Madadzadeh

Paria: I always watched this program on TV when I was in Iran. I want to present this bunch of flowers to all of you on behalf of all freedom-loving youths in Iran.I am 18. I am here to be voice of my father, my hero and my pride of life. My father has been in prison for more than ten years for freedom of my generation. My steadfast father was arrested when I was 8. I used to visit my father for only 20 min every week. I can still hear his voice. He always soothed my pains. I could never sooth him when his friends were taken for execution.My father said the prison is full of teenagers who have to spend their life in prison. My father said he sees me and my sister in the face of these teenagers.  My land of Iran is fighting for Iran. The regime tried to tell us we are alone. But there was a voice that always told us that we are not alone. That voice led us to fight our main enemy. On my way out of Iran, I saw many other refugees. I thought I would not see them again. To my surprise, I saw many of those young men and women here. We are representing thousands and thousands of Iranian youths who yearn freedom. We convey the Iranian youths’ regards to Maryam and Massoud. Maryam Rajavi is the forbidden name in Iran because she shows youths that they can and they must free Iran.


Ingrid Betancourt: Resistance is alive and organized in the voices of these men and women from all across Iran. Let us welcome Paria, a flame that the Iranian regime will never be able to extinguish


Videoclip: A voice from Iran

A prisoner in Gohardasht Prison presents a rose to the gathering in Paris

Several people from Ardebil, Kermanshah, Hamedan, in Iran present roses to the annual gathering

People from Gilan, Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Neishabour, Azadi Square in Tehran present roses to the Free Iran gathering in Paris

Young men from Isfahan, Shiraz and Karaj present roses and explain that they need freedom

A young man from Mashhad, a woman from Kurdistan present roses to participants in the gathering

A young man with a rose from Khorramabad hails the participants as being their voice from Iran

A young woman with a rose from Boushehr hails participants in Le Bourget: You are our voice, We support Maryam Rajavi

A young man in Sanandaj, another artist from Karaj declare support for the annual gathering in Le Bourget.

Young man from Karaj condemns the mullahs who earn money by selling God

From Tehran, a young man presents a bunch of roses and declares support for Maryam Rajavi as being his voice

Young man in Tehran holds banner reading: We will build 1000 Ashrafs


Ingrid Betancourt: For years, this gathering has been shedding light on the situation in Iran . We have been supporting the Iranian Resistance and the cause of Iranian people for years. For the first time we are going to hear the voices of people who are fighting in Iran. We are going to hear the voice of people who have lived in dark prisons of Iran. No one has seen these scenes. They have risked their lives to send us these images. The only hope for the people of Iran is the Iranian Resistance. We are going to see for the first time the images of people who suffer to bring freedom to Iran. We will hear a girl who witnessed arrest of her father at the age of 8


Sylvie Fassier introduces Ms. Ingrid Betancourt, candidate for president in Columbia


Canadian delegation: We hail you on behalf of all the Canadians who have come here to support the Iranian Resistance

Judi Sgro, Canada:  We demand protection for Camp Liberty residents. Your struggle is crucial to the future of our children. We hope the world would open its doors to Camp Liberty residents. From 59 countries, we have come here today in solidarity. We should work together to put an end to the bloodshed and human rights abuses


Mohammed Allahham, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council: Hail to the gathering! The Iranian regime foments sectarian war in the Middle East . Iran regime interfered in Gaza and undermined our struggle for freedom of Palestine.  We condemn Tehran’s export of terrorism and fundamentalism to Iraq and Syria. We call on all int’l human rights organizations 2 take their stand against Iranian regime’s belligerence.  We should not allow expansion and spread of fundamentalism. oppression and injustice will not get anywhere. The people of Iran have the last word.  Hail to PMOI/MEK. They will win!! Hail to Camp Liberty residents and their struggle!  In the name of the people of Palestine, I hail your struggle. We cannot overcome fundamentalism without supporting the Iranian Resistance. We stand with you to the end, until you reach victory!


Ghozali addresses the people of Palestine and says we are with them under any circumstances




Saleh Alqallab, former spokesman for the government of Jordan, and former Minister of Culture and Publicity (2001-2003): Iran will be free, the Iranian people are the true owners of Iran, I hope the next meeting would be in Tehran. After the 1979 revolution, the PMOI/MEK was the first I met. We wanted friendship among Iran and Arab countries. Those who betrayed this cause are traitors.  Iranian regime’s Qassem Soleimani is murderer of people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen. All of the Arab countries are with you, with the people of Iran. Iran’s dictatorship will be rejected by the people, it will be annihilated. The Iranian regime spends billions of dollars of Iranian people’s wealth in Syria and Iraq to promote fundamentalism. The mullahs will be annihilated and peace and democracy will return to Iran. Camp Liberty stands for Iran, attack on Liberty is attacking all of Iran. The PMOI/MEK represents all the people of Iran, Iranian people will win!!


Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Egypt declares support for Iranian Resistance, he said: We must work together to bring freedom to Iran


Sid Ahmad Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria, represents delegation of personalities from Arab and Muslim countries:  I hail my sisters and brothers in Iran and here.  We strongly condemn the attack on Camp Liberty. The responsibility of protecting Camp Liberty residents lies with the US and the UN

Ghozali refers to the history of some 150 attacks on camps Liberty and Ashraf

Ghozali: 3000 Shiekhs in Iraq have declared support for the PMOI/MEK and the people of Iran. Parliaments of Egypt, the majority of Jordan and Bahrain parliaments, issued declarations in support of the PMOI/MEK


Young men and women parade in the hall carrying flags of Arab and Islamic and other countries


Giulio Terzi introduces a clip on Massoud Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance

Terzi: Massoud Rajavi has taught and trained generations of devoted fighters for Iran’s freedom

Massoud Rajavi calls for unrelenting struggle to uproot the clerical regime in Iran

Massoud Rajavi: We are men and women who fight for freedom… Mojahed remains steadfast in Evin and in Ashraf, battling  for Iran’s freedom in the Iranian Resistance’s Army of Freedom… Victory is ours! The blood of martyrs heralds the ultimate day of freedom!

Giulio Maria Terzi, Foreign Minister of Italy (until 2013): My warmest greetings and respects to Maryam Rajavi and all of the participants. Special salutes to Camp Liberty residents. Only five days ago, terrorist militias organized and backed by TEhran regime attacked Camp LIberty. The attack showed Tehran’s fear of Iran’s freedom fighters in Camp Liberty. Tehran wants Camp Liberty to surrender their struggle for democratic change, because they inspire all Iranians. PMOI/MEK members in Camp Liberty continue their struggle at any cost. PMOI/MEK members in Camp Liberty are symbols of courage and perseverence. PMOI/MEK members in Camp Liberty are genuine lights of hope for freedom, equality, rule of law and justice. I should remind the duties of the int’l community, the US and UN for safety & security of Camp Liberty and a speedy resettlement. There must be no rush in dealing and trade with heinous Iranian regime after the nuclear agreement. No trade with a regime dominated by IRGC and its companies



Ad Melkert, Special Representative of UN Secretary-General (2009-2011): The great violence against Camp Liberty residents must be condemned internationally. We witnessed successful resettlement of Camp Liberty residents last year.  Albania deserves to be praised for its hospitality to PMOI/MEK members, praises people and government of Albania for accepting Camp Liberty residents. We are stunned why the international community is not acting more swiftly to save the residents. How is it that Baghdad International Airport operates normally, but such attack takes place nearby? Attacks on Camp Liberty cannot continue. This must be stopped.  The UN must not turn a blind eye on this crime. The UNSG must intervene and gain specific guarantees for safety of Camp Liberty residents. Our call today is stronger than everyday to ensure safety and security of Camp Liberty residents


Alejo Vidal Quadras, former Vice President of the European Parliament, and longtime supporter of Iranian Resistance. Hail to all participants and especially to my compatriots from Spain. In the beginning I salute the brave residents of Camp Liberty. I strongly condemn the attack on Camp Liberty on July 4. US Admin is directly responsible for the safety and security of Camp LIberty residents until they are resettled in third country. Federica Mogherini must demand concrete and effective measures to protect the residents. The NCRI, the PMOI/MEK, are the alternative to the Iranian regime.  Tehran regime is extremely terrified of the PMOI/MEK. I have always participated in this annual gathering and I am happy that it has wide impact on Iran. Political prisoners in Iran have sent messages of solidarity with this gathering. Our thoughts are with political prisoners in Iran. This great gathering shows that our weapons are solidarity and strength and perseverance. German Intelligence has recently published report on Iranian regime’s exploitation of former members of resistance. While the Iranian regime is very weak, trying to cover it up with export of terrorism. Iranian nation needs change, Iran needs democrats from all over the world to support their cause


Linda Chavez: Some 100,000 have gathered in Le Bourget now. The program is streamed live on the internet.  #FreeIran #RajaviYes4 are the main hashtags for internet campaign. Join us in this campaign


Delegation from Switzerland represented by Laurence Fehlmann Rielle, Member of the Swiss Assembly

Fehlmann Rielle: I have come to declare our full support for human rights and genuine democracy in Iran. I hail Maryam Rajavi and her tireless struggle for freedom of Iran. We hail those in prison and tortured every day in Iran for their beliefs. We support Camp Liberty residents who were attacked on July 4. We always think of Camp Liberty residents. The Iranian regime puts forth only two options to Camp Liberty residents: surrender or death. The people of Iran deserve our all-out support and they will succeed. Long live freedom in Iran, long live Camp Liberty residents


Michel Terrot, French National Assembly. We will continue our support for your struggle led by Maryam Rajavi

Senator Evelyn speaking on behalf of French Committee for Democratic Iran. No to executions in Iran, No to public hangings . No to violation of workers’ rights and women’s rights. Yes to you, Yes to your freedom-loving leader Maryam Rajavi


Gilbert Mitterrand: I speak on behalf of long-time friends of Iranian Resistance . France supported Iranian Resistance the day Mitterrand decided to accept them in France . We condemn the latest attack on Camp Liberty. The attack reminds us, the US, UN and France of their responsibility for such crimes. There must be effective measures to prevent repetition of such attacks on Iranian Resistance’s freedom fighters. I salute Albania for their humanitarian step to receive Iranian freedom fighters. Fighting for freedom and fighting for a democratic Iran go hand in hand


Dominique Lefebvre from France:  The tyranny in Iran promotes Islamic fundamentalism. Religious tyranny has denied Iranian people from freedom of expression. Iranian regime can never be a partner for democratic countries in confronting ISIS. Any improvement of relations with Iran must be conditioned on improvement of human rights in Iran. France must emphasize its values in dealing with Iran. Iranian regime needs to have relations with the world, but nothing goes to the people.  A prudent policy on Iran must address Iranian people’s aspirations for democracy, freedom and human rights. We support the NCRI and its President elect Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan. We support a non-nuclear Iran with no death penalty. Long live France, long live Free Iran

Albanian artists play piece in support of the people of Iran in their quest for freedom. Performance of artists from Albania in solidarity with the Iranian people and Resistance . Ms. Rodina and Mr. Christian from Albania performed in solidarity with Free Iran.

Vincent Capo-Canellas, mayor of Le Bourget, on behalf of French delegation declares support for Iran’s freedom. Capo-Canellas welcomes Iranians to Le Bourget for holding their annual gathering for freedom and democracy in Iran

Sylvie Fassier, Mayor of Le Pin, represents the French delegation at the gathering. Fassier salutes Camp Liberty residents and hails Iran’s freedom-fighters . The first delegation addressing the gathering is the French delegation. 

13.20 h :  Linda Chavez, moderator of the #FreeIran gathering, opens the program. Chavez salutes perseverance of Camp Liberty residents .Camp Liberty residents were attacked on July 4 by the militias backed by the Iranian regime. Let us remind the mullahs that nothing can stop this movement from pursuing its goals for freedom of Iran

Participants in Free Iran gathering hail Camp Liberty residents and vow to support them until victory