Following 10 days of airstrikes, coinciding with calls made for a ceasefire agreement in Aleppo, there are also signs indicating the Assad regime and its allies are orchestrating a major ground attack against opposition-controlled areas of Aleppo. Iran has been rallying forces for this campaign and Syrian opposition military experts say Russian warplanes are targeting Aleppo as the Assad air force is incapable of such precision air raids that recently leveled medical centers and a number of bakeries in crowded areas. These atrocious attacks have prompted the international community to launch a new wave of efforts to produce a tangible ceasefire on the ground in Syria to include Aleppo. Is this a repeat episode, or will the innocent people of Syria finally witness a lasting peace without attacks launched by Assad, Iran and Russia?

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed grave concern over the violence seen in Aleppo and other areas of Syria. He joined other world leaders calling on all parties involved in the Syria conflict to immediately bring an end to all forms of aggressive measures and live up to their responsibilities regarding the grave impact of such violence on civilians. Ban demanded the ceasefire must expand far beyond Damascus and Latakia — a devious plot blueprinted by Assad and company — to cover all of Syria, especially Aleppo.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry also rushed to Geneva seeking to reinforce the previously crafted ceasefire agreement. Washington is asking Moscow to use its influence over Bashar Assad to halt the indiscriminate attacks, described by experts as carpet bombings. May 10 is the date set for Geneva to host a new round of UN-sponsored peace talks.
As the war rages in Syria, Iran is escalating tensions by resorting to a deplorable tactic not seen since the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. Back then the mullahs literally dispatched 400,000 juveniles to the battlefronts as cannon fodders to fuel the war. Today, Tehran is repeating that experience to provide forces for the war in Syria. A program has been aired in Iran showing children undergoing military training provided by the Iranian regime, preparing the teenage boys — and even as young as 10 — to learn the simple tactics and know-how of ground warfare. A recent video clip posted by the Paris-based Iranian opposition has rendered international outrage describing such measures by Iran as human rights violations and adding fuel to the threat of fundamentalism and violence across the Middle East.
Iran sees no need in denying its role in provoking the war in Syria by deploying militia groups and mercenaries to fight for Assad. It recently sent units of 65th regular army brigade to pave the path for a new ground campaign to be carried out by Assad forces and allies in Aleppo Province. As Afghan, Pakistani, Iraqi and other recruits have failed to deliver the necessary results, the mullahs in Tehran are now turning to small teenage boys to fill this void of necessary boots on the ground.
Documents smuggled out by Daesh defectors unveil how the Assad regime has been in full cooperation with the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” in selling oil, with all coordination carried out on the field. These documents show the recent withdrawal by Daesh from the ancient city of Tadmir was in full harmony with Assad forces. However, the Syrian regime propaganda machine portrayed the entire story as if the city had been completely liberated. The truth is that the Assad regime was fully involved in the rise of Daesh from the very beginning, seeking to cripple the Syrian opposition as a result. This has been a plot carefully shaped by Iran.
In March the Kremlin suddenly announced a decision to pull out the bulk of its forces from Syria, with various countries welcoming such a move, while others maintained their suspicion, considering the entire story as a Russian plot aimed at deceiving the West. Washington and London kept their distance in disbelief. U.K. Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond said Russia withdrawing forces from Syria is a cycle of forces. Vitaly Churkin, the Russian Ambassador to the U.N., unveiled plans claiming to launch new airstrikes against Daesh positions in Raqqa and Deir Ezzur provinces. However, the Syrian opposition have described such measures as a cloak to provide cover for Russian warplanes to continue their war crimes in Aleppo.
As the conglomerate of Syria crises continue in a frenzy, various countries across the globe are witnessing demonstrations and rallies condemning the atrocious crimes committed by the Assad regime, Iran and Russia against the Syrian people. A video clip has gone viral showing a small Syrian child weeping over the body of his brother. He lost four members of family in a recent airstrike in Aleppo. It is time for world powers to put their foot down and say enough is enough. Too many innocent Syrians have lost their lives, been wounded and displaced from their homes. The international community must rise to its obligations to end the cruelty imposed on the Syrian people, and uproot the crisis expanding across the globe