The crimes committed by the Bashar Assad regime in Aleppo and the massacre of innocent people rages on, becoming the focal point of a new round of international diplomatic efforts, especially in the Middle East and Arab and Islamic countries. The Syrian opposition-related Orient News reported massive airstrikes leveling the city of Aleppo continued for the second week. The humanitarian crisis in Aleppo has shocked public opinion the world over, leaving this very important question unanswered: Is there an end in sight?

Great Courage
Aleppo has become the scene of great valor and courage shown by the very people living in this once beautiful metropolis and heart of Syria’s economy. The obliteration of the al-Quds Hospital, recently destroyed in horrendous airstrikes by the Assad regime and Russia, raised outrage across the globe and unveiled stories of how physicians the likes of Dr. Mohamed Wasim, the last pediatrician in Aleppo, had literally dedicated his all to serve Aleppo’s innocent locals. Despite the numerous opportunities and proposals placed before him, Dr. Wasim had decided to accept the risks and providing life-saving medical services to his nation’s children was more important than a luxurious life in the West, his colleagues say with pride. He couldn’t turn his back on the children of Aleppo and always fulfilled his humanitarian duties despite the continuous hardships.

The New Aleppo
The opposition controlled section of Aleppo now houses only 30 physicians for a population of 250,000 to 300,000 people. These medical specialists have lost their hope, yet they have no choice but to continue providing their services. The only scene now left in Aleppo is a ravaged city of destroyed buildings and mutilated bodies of human beings. Nothing now resembles the glory Aleppo stood for in the past. What is taking place in this city today is nothing less of a catastrophe, and unfortunately the entire world is merely watching from a distance, with no one lending a game-changing hand of help to the innocent locals of this city.

With the policy of silenced adopted by the international community, like it or not they are directly and indirectly supporting the crimes being committed by Assad and company. Will Aleppo become the next Srebrenica or Rwanda? Has not humanity evolved to a standard to be able to stop such atrocities? Efforts must be made to rid this shame of our time and right this enormous wrong.
Enough with all the carnage. Enough with all the savagery. Enough with all the annihilation. There should be no more “Dr. Wasims” losing their lives and the Syrian people should be provided the hope they deserve of a life in safety and security.

As the obliteration rages on across Syria, a new video clip that has gone viral portrays a small Aleppo boy by the name of Majed weeping over the dead of his brother. In a matter of seconds four members of his family lost their lives in a deadly airstrike recently targeting Aleppo. How many more children in Aleppo and across Syria must lose all their family members and see their lives destroyed in less than a second before world leaders say enough is enough? For how long must we witness global powers consider short-term economic interests more important than their sincere human dignity?
With mankind trekking forward in the new millennium seeking and striving for a faster pace of evolution for the better good, a deep look at Aleppo is needed to ask ourselves what went wrong? And what actions are needed to remedy these wrongdoings?