Friends and supporters of the Iranian Resistance struggling for the freedom and liberty of the enchained Iranian people
Supporters of Ashraf and Liberty
We are closing in on the annual Iranian Resistance grand rally at a time when the Iranian regime is engulfed in domestic and foreign crises, and this regime is pursuing a lifeline in further internal oppression and increasing executions.
With their blood, the Iranian people and nations across the Middle East are paying the price of the mullahs’ continuing rule.
The result of nearly four decades of a religious fascism rule in Iran, under the pretext of the velayat-e faqih, [so-called mandate of the jurists], over the Iranian people has been: executions, torture, crackdown of Iranian women, poverty, more homeless people sleeping in the streets, the poor resorting to selling body-parts, babies sold before birth, rampant drug addiction, working children and …
There is only one real and practical solution to end the suffering of the Iranian people and the region: “all-out regime change in Iran” to realize a truly “free Iran.”
Be the voice of Iran’s working children, runaway girls, workers, nurses and … taking part in various campaigns against the mullahs’ rule and supporting the Iranian Resistance Grand Rally in Paris.
This is our duty to return freedom to Iran and emancipate the Iranian people.
Let us rise to our national and patriotic duty by taking maximum advantage of all assets, activating friends and relatives, and inviting everyone to support this rally.
We can and we must liberate the Iranian people.