Main Source: al-Nahar website – April 17, 2016
Iraqi MP Abdulbari Zebari emphasized the Iraqi government is obliged to carry out international laws and standards, including human rights laws regarding the issue of Camp Liberty residents.
“Any human being living on Iraqi soil must obtain guarantees about their security that prove their safety,” he said. “The Iraqi government must guarantee the well-being of refugees and asylum-seekers on its soil, and protect their rights in a safe environment with the standard of an Iraqi citizen and also refugees living this country,” al-Zebari continued. He called on the Iraqi government to be obliged to what the Iraqi government has signed in respect to international laws and relevant human rights laws.

It is worth noting that in a number of organized protest rallies and in various statements issued in their name, the refugees of Camp “Liberty” located near Baghdad have called on the Iraqi government and United Nations to adopt necessary measures to provide them protection and find a solution to prevent a repeat of rocket barrages similar to the last October attack that lead to dozens being killed and wounded.