There are days in the histories of nations that can never be forgotten, acting as sources of major pride for their countries.
The day when Iran’s oil industry was nationalized. The days when the Iranian people’s legitimate democratic resistance was delisted from blacklists on both sides of the Atlantic.

These days are created and made possible by brave men and women who devote their entire lives to the freedom and independence of their country and nation.
For Iran, March 20th is a reminder of proud memories for the Iranian people.
The oil industry being nationalized as a result of the efforts and tireless struggle of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, President of the National Movement in Iran. He led the drive to have a bill nationalizing Iran’s oil industry passed in the parliament on March 20th, 1951, granting a historic victory to the Iranian nation. This measure placed the Iranian people as the true heirs of their God-given fortunes and natural resources.
The mullahs ruling Iran today have in the past four decades adopted a traitorous policy of plundering the Iranian people’s oil revenue and delivering an unrecoverable blow to the country’s economy, especially its national treasure of vast oil reserves. This is exactly the opposite path taken by Dr. Mossadegh aimed at nationalizing the oil industry for the people. The mullahs’ divided up Iran’s oil industry, disintegrating its remains at the mercy of private companies that could care less about the Iranian people.
The mullahs’ regime has allocated Iran’s wealth for its own notorious terrorist objectives across the globe. Prior to this for 8 long years the mullahs waged war against Iraq, in which they wasted Iran’s wealth by pouring billions of dollars into the horrific Iran-Iraq War inferno that left 1 million killed, 2 million wounded and 4 million displaced from their homes. This war inflicted a cost of $1 trillion on the Iranian people, according to the mullahs’ regime.
If one day the great Mossadegh was striving to reserve oil as the main source of income and wealth for the Iranian people, and truly sought to launch an economy not entirely dependent on oil to forever preserve Iran’s oil riches for future generations, these mullahs have been using oil as the source of the money needed to pay for their inhumane and repressive plots, both inside the country and abroad. The mullahs are depriving the Iranian people and using what is theirs to provide for their terrorists and Shiite militia groups in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, and fueling the war in Syria by providing billions in credit to support the Bashar Assad dictator in massacring innocent Syrians. Iran is also using these billions to overcome economic-political crises and relieve itself of harsh international isolation.
These criminal measures are the exact opposite of the policy adopted to nationalize the oil industry in Iran aimed at turning this major source of riches to provide for the Iranian people as the rightful owners of their country’s resources. The result of these policies have forced the Iranian people, already suffering from poverty, to sell their body parts and children, and a new phenomenon of mothers pre-selling their unborn babies!!
This makes it even more necessary to seek regime change in Iran, replacing the mullahs with a national and democratic government. Such a state would place Iran’s national wealth in the hands of the true representatives of the Iranian people to build an affluent and prosperous nation, and also save the people of the Middle East from the octopus currently ruling Iran.