On Thursday evening October 29th at 7.40 pm, one of the deadliest missile attacks on Camp Liberty; 24 killed and many more injured. Sharing with you are moments of the residents during the strike.
This article was written by Elham K. with an AA degree in law and now a member of PMOI in Camp Liberty, who was also present in the missile attack.

A loud unusual noise was heard. It sound like a storm wind circling around in a well. Being near the international airport, we thought it was one of those large boing airplanes just taking off and being very close above our head. A colleague was curious to see what the sound was. I went after her to the door. As soon as we opened the door, the alarm sound went on and that was when we all jumped in the bunkers without thinking about the sound. There it went the first strike with a very huge noise like CRACK!

This time it was nonstop; no space or intervals between them. They hit one after the other. The sound was so loud and cracky that we felt whether it’s the missile coming right on our head or parts and shrapnel of a trailer hit, falling on our head. This was the first time that all of us had a common feeling that we were going to die.
At that moment, I had a lot going through my head. You know a man has a computer mind.
On one hand, I was thinking about how many have been killed because it was clear that our trailers were being hit one by one. On the other hand, I was thinking about the Syrian people being hit and killed under Bashar Asad’s bombardment or being drowned running away from their dungeon country.
The harsh striking sound wouldn’t stop. It was longer than ever before. Yes, it was because this time we were hit with almost 80 large missiles of three different kinds. And the attack lasted for 10 minutes. This was the longest 10 minutes felt ever in my life.

Later that night, when we were sharing our moments and feelings together, we were surprised to see that we all had similar feelings.

The news said, 23 dead and many injured. But had the brutal Iranian regime reached its goal? Not even a bit! Following regime’s unsuccessful nuclear negotiations in UN, the Iranian regime breathing its last air and hours could not bear seeing its one and only opposition group so strong and steadfast than ever; so, in his dreams, he thought it could wipe off the residents in Camp Liberty for good or create a strong impact by attacking with all those 240 mm missiles.

However, PMOI members, stronger and more active than ever are helping one another to clear out the ruined and destroyed places and build the environment once again without a bit of disappointment or hopelessness.
Speaking to each individual, they all express how courageous they feel and energetic to spare each of their moments and hours rebuilding the place. Walking through the camp you could clearly observe this hope in every resident.

Yes, we are even more ready than ever to fight back.
The Iranian regime has once again proven that PMOI is its worst enemy.