The Iranian dissidents of the Ayatollahs in Tehran, residing in camp Liberty, are still suffering from an inhumane blockade imposed on them. Denying them free access to medical cares, obstructing the logistic substances and fuel entering the camp are among the most important difficulties that the residents are grappling with. This condition concerns Iraqi parliamentarians as well as the general public in Iraq and international community. The parliamentarians have called within several stands declared in public on the government of Iraq and the United Nations to lift the blockade on camp Liberty, improving their living condition. They evaluate any maltreatment with the residents as flagrant violation of the international rules.

Hassan Ashoired Alhamdani, the chair of the foreign affairs commission in the parliament from Alwatannia faction stressed in a press release: “the legal recommendations and international agreements and covenants must dominate on treatment with the refugees in camp Liberty, but not personal inclination belonged to some of the parties. These refugees are deserved to enjoy the protection and providing of their fundamental needs. (Al-Nafezah Lebanon July 25, 2015)   

Khaled Almofregi, the chair of states and provinces commission insisted in a statement on proper humanitarian conduct with the refugees of camp Liberty based on international, national, ordinary, and humane rules. He confirmed that the inhumane behavior with the residents of camp Liberty does not benefit Iraqi people. He denounced tarnishing the reputation of Iraq for annoyance and harassment of the guests who have taken shelter there, living in its soil. ) ALtagheer TV, July 12, 2015(

Mrs. Shirin Reza, a member of human rights commission from Attagheer faction of parliament requested in a press conference taking care of the residents in camp Liberty as these refugees have guaranteed their rights by international rules and covenants for their general condition as well as providing their needs. She also confirmed that none of the political parties should treat the residents of camp Liberty as enemies; they are enjoyed refugees’ human rights in Iraq notwithstanding any Politian position. She expressed her confident of obligation to humanitarian treatments with the refugees all over the world despite their different believes. (Donia Al-Watan July 22, 2015)   

Sabhan Assadoon, a representative of the parliament of Iraq from Kurdistan alliance declared: the refugees living in camp Liberty are in humanitarian dire needs of proper medical care; providing those with these necessities are urgent. Assadoon pointed out that the international rules confirm on treating them based on humanitarian principles, posing no restrictions. He also confirmed that political differences should not effect on offering humanitarian aids to the residents of camp Liberty. Assadoon added: the refugees in camp Liberty are suffering from shortage in medical cares and foot-dragging in taking their patients to hospitals in Baghdad, which caused decease of about 25 persons among them; as they are tolerating in this hot season of Iraq for not being connected to the national power grid.  (Anba website July 24, 2015)