By Ali Sinaki

While Middle East region is rumpled in the sectarian balefire lead mostly by the Iran Mullahs’ regime, listing to June 6th 2015 speech of Honorable Pope Francis I, world’s Great Catholic leader, in Sarajevo, while he urged for enduring ethnic and religious peace, was quiet inspiring and the motivation for write this brief piece:

It is now more than 36 years that my homeland, Iran, is occupied and ruled by mullahs’ and their “Vali ’e’ Faqih” (supreme leader) with his claim of being the representative of God on the ground and pursue of his own objections in the name of religion.

In complete incongruence to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and his attitude and behavior towards his people, in one of his first speeches Khomeini said: “… we want caliphe who cut off hands & legs and lash people…” Since then he did not bring anything for our nation except for slaughter, torture, rape, limb amputation and plunder.

The mullahs of Iran are descendants of the hypocritical Pharisees who crucified Jesus. This tyrant regime does the same with our fellow Christian and Jewish compatriots as they do with Muslims. Our Christian compatriots are under most severe repression. More than 10 of estimated 3000 political prisoners in Iran are Christians including 3 priests Saeid Abedini, Behnam Irani and Farshad Fathi who are charged with apostasy and may be executed, just as Rev. Mehdi Dibaj was executed for this charge. Reverend Hossepian Mehr and Mikailian who did not give in and defended their beliefs in Christianity, and support for dissident Iranians, were slaughtered by this regime in 1987.

Members of People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI) the main opposition group against Iranian mullahs with deep believes to tolerant democratic Islam, have stood up and struggled against this tyranny in the name of religion from day one of Mullahs rule, and are determined to eliminate this stain from monotheism religions. 120,000 of the bravest and most devoted children of this great nation, most of them PMOI sympathizers have been martyred by these vicious mullahs, including Philip Yousefiyah, a Christian freedom advocate whose blood was shed side by side of his Muslim brothers for restoration of freedom and democracy in Iran. Nevertheless, despite all regime’s brutality the resistance continues, so as the sacrifices.

… when Jesus Christ told his Disciples who will help me toward God? The Disciples said, we will help God … (Quran -Sura 61, line 14)

After years of suffrage and struggle, just as Jesus Disciples, we did not give up struggle for justice. To keep the beacon of hope aflame, we had to come to Iraq. After the 2003 developments, Mullahs expanded their tentacles to Iraq. As the result, former Iraqi Government unfortunately to say, at the behest of Iran mullahs’ lunched 3massacres against us to shatter the residents’ moral and extinguish the flame of resistance.

In the next stages of the plot, In order to make us more vulnerable against further attacks by the mullahs’ regime, 3 years ago we were involuntarily relocated to Camp Liberty from camp Ashraf where we built with our own hands & resources and lived for 26 years. Despite all promises given in a MOU to sell our belongings, our property was plundered.

During this 3 years period of our stay in Camp Liberty 14 were killed and about 200 were wounded–including several disabled for life- through 3 rocket attacks on Feb. 2013, Jun 2013, and Dec 201. Any further attacks are imminent in this camp which is more like a slaying field. Nevertheless we won’t retreat and will endure against this tyrannical regime until the last. In all our hard times, we have always been encouraged by unsparing supports of archbishops and priests round the world.

Henceforth, in the name of God and in the name of Jesus Christ we as residents of Camp Liberty, call on the Honorable Pope Francis I as the world’s Catholic leader and as the Guardian of the holly book which emphases on human rights and respect for immigrants and refugees to:

  • As the head of Catholic Church embodying more than 1 billion in the world condemn mullahs’ misuse of religion to justify repression and torture.
  • Condemn medieval and anti-religion mullahs’ regime that kills and tortures Iranian people and export fundamentalism and terrorism across the world and isolate this regime from monotheism religions.
  • Call for freedom of all political prisoners in Iran specially Christians.
  • Call on Iraqi Government to respect our rights as‘people of concern’ as announced by the UNHCR.