Agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) and the terrorist Quds Force (QF), disguised as families of Camp Liberty residents, were once again taken to the camp at 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, by Sadeq Mohammad Kazem from the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress camp residents.

The agents standing at the Police Station chanted against camp residents and among other things said, “As we destroyed Ashraf, we will destroy this camp, too.”

The measure follows a meeting three days ago with Mohammad Mehdi Bayati, the Iraqi Minister of Human Rights.

The same agents had been taken to Camp Liberty on June 9 and 10, and another group of MOIS and QF agents were transferred there on April 14 and 21.

In dozens of statements and letters addressed to the United Nations and the United States officials since November 2014, the Iranian Resistance has been warning that the clerical regime has been planning to repeat the scenario of Ashraf by laying the grounds for psychological torture of the residents through a number of agents of the Intelligence Ministry and the terrorist Quds Force disguised as families of Camp Liberty residents and creating another bloodbath in Camp Liberty.

As reiterated in statement No. 7 on June 16, Bayati “had discussed organizing and employing Iranian regime’s hirelings against the PMOI members in Camp Liberty with UN officials and the ambassador or Iranian regime which met strong protests from the Iranian Resistance in the several letters they wrote to UN and U.S. officials.”

However, “the official and overt intervention of the Human Rights Ministry and the use of governmental facilities to serve these hirelings is yet another dangerous step against Camp Liberty especially that the Iranian regime has concurrently resorted to measures in its media to prepare the ground for suppressing the residents.”

The Iranian Resistance once again calls on the United States government and the United Nations to take the necessary measures with respect to the Iraqi government, based on their repeated and written commitments to ensure the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents, to prevent transfer of MOIS and QF agents to Camp Liberty and block the Iranian regime’s attempts to prepare the grounds for another massacre at Camp Liberty.