by: AbdulAllah P.

Not a single day passes that Iran does not appear in the news. The marathon of nuclear talks along with the daily global threats caused by Iran’s fundamentalist regime, require nations to keep an eye on it. 

When asked publically, the overwhelming majority of American people showed distrust for the promises and agreements made at the nuclear negotiating table. European and even Australian people have already experienced terrorist activities that, physically or morally, trend back to the” Islamic” Republic of Iran. More than sixty times condemnation in the UN Security Council  has been part of  this regime’ s history of human rights violations. Iranian regime is willing to give up neither its nuclear ambitions nor the brutal suppress and hangings of its citizens. Iran has one of the world’s most corrupted regimes. Recent internal conflicts reveal, although a tip of an iceberg, the putrid corruption Iranian regime is drown in. Pervasive corruption is the other side of executions and long trend of useless nuclear talks. Such a corrupted regime that takes its citizens as its first victims certainly cannot be trusted at any negotiation table.

Behind the smiley face of Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign Secretary and Mr. Kerry’s counterpart, lies what Iranian officials and media confess about the egregious corruption within the “Islamic” Republic of Iran. Rahmani, Iran’s secretary of State, recently talked about the “filthy money” moving around the ruling system. He stated, “200 milliard Tomans ($60 million) has been debited to someone’s account who has died a few years ago. 80 milliard Tomans has been passed in a six year old kid’s account”. He added, “We have recovered more than 2000 accounts illegally linked to each other. Many of them are used for grafts in different parts of government or military segments. We are talking about 20 million liters of fuel smuggled daily into the country, about 8 milliards of filthy money pumped each year into our economy.” He went on, “I can show you 4000 companies that are registered on one code, I can give you a physical address to show you that there are more than 3000 companies that are registered on that one address.”

Kanani , an expert in Iran’s economic market, said on Iran ‘s state TV on April 5th 2015, “ in the last few decades there have been financial dossiers  that, on one side, were related to  our banking system  or to those who held key power positions enable to freely do  whatever they wished with our national wealth”.

In April 2011 government announced of the recovery of an extortion worth 3000 milliard Tomans (more than $750 million) in which one government high ranking official was arrested for and executed later on. Ahmad Tavakoli, former Iran’s Labor minister confessed on Iran ‘s state TV on Apr 1st 2015 that,” Sanctions effect on our economy is maximum 25 to 35 percent. The 60 to 70 percent is due to mismanagement and corruption in this country.”

International Transparency Organization in its 2014 report put Iran, under the mullahs, in the136th position. Larceny and corruption in Ayatollahs regime make a long list that gives the reader dizziness.

Hossein Raghfar, an economy expert working for the Iranian government, has said,” massive funds for the national wealth, such as in the oil industry, that were allocated for the country’s development are now used for the interests of some individuals in power. There have been recoveries of milliard Tomans theft that so far no one has been able to get them back”. (Arman Newspaper 9 March 2015).

According to Eatemad Newspaper, printed on March 1st 2015, an agreement was signed between a certain company and the County of Qom to use 2950 acres of forest area and to turn it into an airport. The point is that already exists a large airport in this area only 75 kms away. The state greenwood organization which is responsible for that forest has no knowledge of that agreement and nobody knows who has issued the license to that company which now, instead of building an airport intends to make the area into a recreational land containing a 30.000 bed hotel.

A report by German voice Deutsche Welle states: “Iran‘s economy and financial institutes are in clutches of the real rings of reign and power”. The voice talks about Iran’s” Islamic Republic Guards Corps (IRGC), the paramilitary army that is under the control of Khamenei.

The report reveals, “IRGC grips massive infrastructural resources of Iran such as wharfs, ports and airports for its private export/import. Other lateral institutes such as” Mostazafan foundation” has an asset of about $100 milliard controlled by supreme leader himself.  These institutes have never been transparent. It is said they are also exempted to pay for their utilities

State journal Ressalat wrote on Tuesday 24 February 05: “Jahangiri, First Deputy to President Rouhani, says,” $22 milliard has left the country. Minister for Economy says: 12 thousands milliard Tomans ($3.5 milliard) has been subject of extortion. Spokesman for the government says: $ 700 milliard is gulped.”

Keyhan , a newspaper close the supreme leader Ali Khamenei, on 23 February 05 raises this question: “preventing a tax escape worth of  80thousands milliard Tomans , prevention of the vast pervasive smuggling that contains  one third of  country’s imports, when % 65 of  budget writs of the year have not been carried out, do all these have anything to do with sanctions?

Fars News Agency ( 21 February 05): Rahmani , Iran’s Secretary of States:” A part of money earned through  drug smuggling which adds to  about  200 thousands milliard Tomans($ 50 milliard) has gone into country  ‘s power system such as for elections.”

Syassate Rooz, another newspaper belonging to Khamenei’s fraction (19 February 05): “why nothing serious is done against cigarette smuggling?  A noticeable volume of world’s $350 milliard cigar smuggling belongs to Iran. Each year thousand Lorries of smuggled cigarettes enter Iran that makes an amount of 2500milliard Tomans ($715 million) “

Rafsanjani, the second powerful man in the Iranian regime who, naturally, has firsthand knowledge of the events inside Iran regime, described the situation as, “Sometimes pieces of an iceberg immersed in corruptions is spoken. To prevent misuse by the enemies does not permit everything be said”. (ISNA News Agency 20 Dec 2014)

Abysmal Larceny and corruption, the Iranian regime is drowned in, cannot be veiled or ignored. Collecting cases that come up through the dogfights of Iranian regime’s different fractions needs a separate lengthy hard work that does not fit in the purpose of this writing. We are just left with one question: What a greater price should be paid to show that the conciliatory approach towards this regime embodied by Obama‘s administration‘s foreign policy is nothing but a failure? Whitewashing, a regime that cannot survive without daily execution and imprisonment of its citizen, a regime that is the 136th on the transparency list, certainly cannot save our world from nuclear bomb or terrorism. Why not ask the smiling Javad Zarif of the numerous violations of human rights occurring each day in Iran? No matter decent or not, Mullahs in Iran only think of increasing their personal profit. They are not to be trusted just as another member of United Nations. Iranian regime is not negotiable.