By: Abdullah P.

Once upon a time, down in a country yard, lived a mother sheep with her four beautiful yeanlings. Not far from their cote lived a cunning Wolf who dreamed day and night of eating the four little yeanlings. Time to time, in the absence of mother ship, the wolf lurked to hunt the frolicking kids. But each time he got close the four kids ran away to cleverly hide themselves inside the cote. Mother always advised them to be vigilant about strangers. Every time mother returned home she had to show her arms, through the door, to assure the kids it was her and not the wolf.

The wily wolf, who could never forget the enjoyable taste of a little yearling, always kept a snoopy eye on the cattle. He, finally, came up with a new trick. He took shelter in a dark spot of the forest and spent a few hours painting his four legs by the gum he found in some trees, to disguise himself as a sheep. Then came the day he had waited for all his life. He came out his place and tiptoed toward the sheep cote. “Knock knock knock “He called at door. “Who is it?” asked one of the kids.” It ‘s mother” replied the wolf deceptively. Yeanlings started hopping around happily. “Mom‘s back. She’s brought us food” Shouted the laughing kids. “Shush!” The older kid hushed the others out and yelled, “Show your hands Mom” “Here you are “said the wolf pushing his decorated hands through the door.” Mom mom, it’s mom” Screamed the unwise yeanlings and opened the door. Wolf leaped in as quickly as he could and slammed the door behind him. . . . , and finally happened the dreadful story that should not.

The above is a story that unlike normal stories does not end with the phrase “they lived happily ever after” .It may look as a page in a book of children bedtime stories, but it truly describes what really happened and happens in our time. Once upon a time the people of Iran freed themselves from a tyrant monarchy.  Not very long afterwards Ayatollah Khomeini appeared clamming he represented “Islam”. He decorated his hands as he had come to save Iranian people. He finally got in when the kids opened the door to him, and …. , It has been 36years that Iranian people are paying the price.

The Iranian resistance battling the vestige regime of Khomeini for almost four decades has defined this regime as fundamentalism which is “A Hundred Times Worse than an Atomic Bomb”. Posing as a hoary pious man Khomeini brought about the present dark era in Iran. He soon instituted more and more prisons and torture chambers in the country while ,at the same time, sending his terrorists into neighboring countries .Some westerners, including the present US administration, chose to mollify this regime dreaming to get some economic or political benefits. With Iran as the only fundamentalist state power other extremist groups got the opportunity to grow: ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab . . . etc.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian resistance, Testifying before US Senate Foreign Affairs subcommittee via videoconference from France, described the Iranian regime, now led by supreme leader Ali Khamenei, as “Aggressiveness and the penchant for violence primarily characterize Islamic fundamentalism,’ She went on, “As such, searching for moderates among its adherents is an illusion.” Mrs. Rajavi concluded, “it was the mullahs’ regime that helped the creation of ISIS… and the killing of Sunnis in Iraq helped the emergence of ISIS,’

If the above story of sheep cote is recited to our guiltless children, their primary concern would be “what happened to the victims”. The first victims of Khomeini and Khamenei regime’s fundamentalism are the Iranian people. It is time western powers hear the cry of Iranian people and their resistance who have, so far, paid the ultimate price. It is time Mr. Obama thought back about giving in to Mullahs who have shed blood from Tehran to Yemen.

In her testimony to US Senate, Maryam Rajavi concluded,” Iranians have dubbed their government the ‘godfather’ of the Islamic State militant group.”