By Elaham Kiamanesh

“Both my parents lost their lives from medical siege,” says a close friend of mine, Asefeh Haidairan.

It’s the 21st century and the era where mobile and smartphones have become the main device of communication even dominating laptop and PC’s… But there lives a couple of thousand educated people in a part of the world surrounded by long, gray, concrete walls being deprived and forbidden of even having free access to medical and hospital care. Yes, among them is a friend of mine, who lost both parents to this brutal siege.

Asefeh, and 2700 others live in Camp Liberty, adjacent to Baghdad international airport, are at serious risk. Her mother, Mahin Afzali, 64, just passed away from heart attack. After long and continuous follow ups, she was taken to the hospital 2 months ago and reported being seriously ill. The doctors prescribed that she should be under hospital supervision and continuous follow-ups. Unfortunately, the Iraq forces in control of the camp did not allow her to be hospitalized and visit the doctor on a necessary constant basis; consequently, she faces a heart attack early in the morning of January 13.

And now, Mahin Afzali is the 23rd victim of medical siege in Camp Liberty.

Asefeh’s father, Mohammad Haidarian, 65, also passed away in Camp Ashraf in 2012, after he was denied and delayed for a whole year for medical treatment following a surgery. Mohammad suffered Parkinson and brain tumor and felt extremely ill a couple of times, but the very same Iraqi forces who have now control over Camp Liberty, refused to take him to the hospital on time in 2009. One day, after feeling very ill, he was finally transferred to a hospital in the City of Baqoubah in Diyala province and passed away.

As I mentioned, in a world of technology, we now have 23 residents passed away in the past 4 years due to brutal medical siege imposed. Can anyone hear their voices! Is there any conscience to take some actions?

Maybe if you share my article and story, there could be a chance to convey this message to the public conscience.

A result of UNAMI, UN and US silence and inaction!