By Milad, Camp Liberty

100In today’s world, emotions can no longer be expressed as in the past, because the hearts and minds of all people have been filled with a fist-full of lies presented by smiling appeasing politicians aiming to crush the will of resistance in all of mankind, and force them to surrender and succumb to their demands. Innocent people’s hopes for a better life have turned into ashes and dust, and in many cases pools of blood. Novels and stories are forgotten forever, and school blackboards are empty of meaningful words. Yet we all know that it is us, and only us, who must conquer this heart of history, again, with our own sacrifice.

A few days ago I was walking in the harsh gravel streets of Camp Liberty in Iraq, and down the road a number of women residing in the camp were also heading to their section. I was drowned in my own thoughts and was silently reciting a poem in my mind. All of a sudden, an image flashed before my eyes. One of the women had fallen to the floor. I didn’t know what to do and just ran towards them and asked, “Can I help?” One of them answered, “Please find a car and hurry!”

I knew that if the heart stops, it will mean the end. I ran to the camp’s main road and luckily found a car passing by. I screamed, “Please, for the love of God, a lady back there had a heart attack, hurry”. After a short delay they took her to the camp’s small Iraqi clinic, while it lacks any serious medical supplies and equipment. And I don’t the rest of that story.

However, all my thoughts were with her. We are living in a prison ironically called ‘Liberty’ in Iraq, under a comprehensive inhumane siege by Iraqi forces loyal to the Iranian regime. We are surrounded by 12-feet tall concrete T-walls and we are especially deprived of medical treatment and care. Due to this medical siege, to this day 21 residents have lost their lives, the latest case being Mr. Taghi Abbasian who passed away just a few days ago.

Here, hearts stop very easily because Iraqi agents reporting to the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran, our sworn enemies, have resorted to any and all hideous measures to literally stop every single heart in Liberty. However, they just cannot come to understand that even if they rip open our hearts, they will continue to beat and be reborn, again.