It has been 28 days that the Iraqi forces have intensified the inhumane siege on Camp Liberty at the behest of the Iranian regime. On Monday September 8, the Iraqi forces once again prevented the fuel tanker from entering the camp and forcibly returned it to the airport area from the camp entrance.

Thus, in the past five weeks only four fuel tankers have entered the camp, that provide less than 10 percent of the minimum needed fuel for the camp. This is while Liberty is not connected to the power grid and the entire infrastructure and vital installations rely on electricity generated by the generators.

While the inhumane siege completes its first month, the Iraqi government is seeking to pretend the situation in Liberty is normal by deception and providing false information to the US government and the United Nations. The Iraqi officials informed the United Nations and the US government a week ago that they had received a legally valid permit from the representatives of the Residents and the company for the entry of the contracted Iraqi septic tankers; diesel tankers and food trucks and that normal supply of these items and services to the camp would resume.

But to date, no valid legal permission by the Iraqi authorities for the entry of Iraqi contractor and normal transport of fuel and septic tankers and food trucks have been given to the residents and the crisis continues.

The Iranian Resistance asks the United Nations and the U.S. government that if such a legal permission exists, to get a copy of it from the Iraqi government and to hand it to the representative of the residents so that the normal flow of fuel and food is resumed.