In a statement released on September 8, 2014, the International Federation of Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Societies, which is constituted of 31 associations, NGOs & parties from across the world, urged the UN & U.S. to provide safety and security by Camp Liberty residents and act immediately to end inhumane siege against the camp imposed by the government of Iraq.

the statement follows:


Call by 31 Associations, NGOs and Parties from 5 continents to United Nations and the United States to provide safety and security of Camp Liberty residents, and their prompt intervention to revoke the inhumane siege enforced on this Camp

Government of Iraq has imposed a complete blockade on Camp Liberty since 23 days ago

Following the siege imposed on Camp Liberty, situated near Baghdad’s International Airport, by the Government of Iraq, 31 Non-Governmental Organizations and parties have addressed UN Secretary General and US administration by sending them letters and statements in which they have demanded the Government of Iraq to put an end to the brutal blockade imposed on Iranian dissidents residing at Camp Liberty.

It has been 23 days since the Government of Iraq has subjected the Camp and its residents to a cruel and inhumane siege. As fuel supplied to the Camp has been interrupted, the Camp’s power network as well as all utility infrastructures and services have been disrupted and thus, the residents are forced to live in metal containers and trailers without any air conditioning where the temperature reaches 48 degrees Celsius. The Government of Iraq continues the siege on the Camp and has prevented the entrance of anything to the Camp including food, lubricant for generators and other basic necessities resulting in a very critical situation. Food blockade and depriving the residents of fuel in a camp where the entire infrastructures and basic affairs depend on electricity is considered a war crime.

It is worth reminding that for the residents of Camp Liberty first week of September is reminiscent of the massacre at Camp Ashraf perpetrated on September 1st last year where 52 of their friends and relatives were killed by Iraqi forces. Three weeks after having cut off Ashraf’s power and fuel, Iraqi forces secretly infiltrated the Camp at 5 a.m. and murdered 52 residents, carried out a number of explosions and finally abducted 7 residents whom the Government of Iraq continues to refuse disclosing any information about their fate.

To avert another tragedy at Camp Liberty, the intervention and immediate action by U.S. and UN as well as western and Arab diplomatic societies is vital and crucial. They should not keep silent in the face of this war crime.

The non-governmental organizations and associations of this statement call on the United Nations and the U.S. government, that have repeatedly and in writing committed themselves to the safety and security of the residents, to take immediate measures toward the annulment of this anti-human siege and to get trucks of food, fuel and other logistical needs to enter the camp on a normal and daily basis.


The signatories of non-governmental organizations and associations of this statement are as follow: 

  • International Society for Human Rights-Australia(ISHRA)
  • Pax Christi Australia
  • People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights(PVCHR)- India
  • Association of Human Rights(APDHE)- Spain
  • Every One Group- Italy
  • Association of Democratic Jurists(ANGD)- Italy
  • Association in Defense of Human Rights(LADDH)- Algeria
  • God Believers Association(GBA)- India
  • International Human Rights Commission(IHRC)- Bangladesh
  • Human Rights Organization(OMDH)- Morocco
  • South Africa Blue Cross Society(IFBC)- South Africa
  • Africa Youth Network for Justice, Peace & Progress(AYNJPP)- Togo
  • International Human Rights Commission(IHRC)- Nigeria
  • Alwatan Center- Palestine
  • World Peace Committee(WPC)- Malaysia
  • National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedom(HOOD)- Yemen
  • Yemen Center for Civil Rights(YCCR)- Yemen
  • Beihani Association- Yemen
  • Freedom House Foundation(FHF)- Yemen
  • Solidarity Party-Syria
  • Lawyers Union for Democratic and Legal Studies- Egypt
  • Reform and Development Party(RDP)- Egypt
  • Islamic Middle Party- Jordan
  • Arab Penal Reform Organization(APRO)- Egypt
  • Syrian Continuous Development Center- Egypt
  • Human Rights and Democracy Media Center(SHAMS)- Palestine
  • Alfagr Elgadeed Center for Studies and Human Rights- Egypt
  • Tunisia Green Party
  • Brazil Blue Cross Society(IFBC)- Brazil
  • International Blue Cross Movement
  • Citizens Watch- Russia



SI de Necker

Goodwill Ambassador

International Blue Cross Movement

Date: 8 September 2014