Iraqi Prime Ministry agents in Camp Liberty have stepped up their abuses and repressive measures against Iranian refugees in Iraq in recent days, in particular obstructing the transfer of cancer patients from camp to hospitals.

1. On Sunday, August 10, as a result of stone-walling by the criminal Major Ahmed Khozeir – one of the main agents behind three massacres in Camp Ashraf – four patients heading to Baghdad for radiotherapy and medical exams were not able to go to the hospital and keep their appointments for treatment.

2. On Saturday, August 9, a criminal agent of the Iraqi Prime Ministry, under the command of Major Ahmed Khozeir, began harassing patients at the camp entrance as they were heading to hospital. He deliberately delayed them and prevented some from reaching the hospital in time to keep medical appointments. This agent forced patients out of their ambulance and kept them standing under direct sunlight for one and half hours as he insulted them. He also took the patients’ mobile phones, erased all the information and phone numbers on them and delayed their exit from the camp for two and half hours. As a result, three patients who had to be hospitalized to undergo surgery missed their appointments and returned to Camp Liberty, with their appointments then postponed for two months.

3. On the same day, Iraqi Prime Ministry agents also prevented the transfer of five other patients who were due to be transferred to a hospital.

4. On Friday, August 8, in yet another act of inhumanity, an Iraqi government agent named as Mohamed began insulting a cancer patient and his nurse at the camp entrance while they were returning from hospital. Under the pretext of conducting inspections, he took all of the patients’ medication and spilled it on the ground, tore apart the doctor’s notes and told the patient he had no right to purchase medicine and bring it into the camp.

5. The same agent last week also prevented the delivery into the camp of a substance used for purification of the camp’s water. During the past few days there have been major shortages in drinking water in the camp. From the beginning, Camp Liberty lacked any basic facilities to provide water. In 2012, residents spent $2.5 million of their own money to build a water purification plant inside the camp.

6. During the past few days, in yet another hostile act of conspiracy, Iraqi forces took residents’ mobile phones before exiting the camp to go to hospitals or carry out utility activities. They confiscate the SIM cards or erase all of the information.

These criminal measures, and especially intensifying the medical siege against the residents, by agents linked to the Prime Ministry are considered to be physical and psychological torture and crimes against humanity and those in charge must be investigated and prosecuted. To this day 20 residents have died due to the criminal medical blockade.

Considering the written commitments provided by the US government and UN regarding Camp Liberty residents’ safety and security, the Iranian Resistance calls for their urgent intervention to end this criminal blockade and provision of the basic security and humanitarian needs in Liberty.