Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York & US Presidential Candidate, spoke at the great gathering of Iranians in Paris, and underscored the importance of protecting the residents of Camp Liberty. Following are excerpts from his speech.

But the regime change in Iran is easy. There is an alternative in Iran, an alternative that stands for democracy, stands for freedom, stands for human rights, stands for the rights of a woman, is led by a woman, and most importantly at this time in our history, it stands for a non-nuclear Iran, and that is of course the MEK and Madam Rajavi….

These very big issues that are affecting peace in Iran, United States and the world are engaging. But we can’t let this moment pass without remembering our people who are left behind in Iraq. They are the ones who are paying the price. The people now at the concentration camp, at the killing field known as CAMP LIBERTY, they should be ashamed of themselves for calling it Camp Liberty. The United States should be ashamed of itself, the UN should be ashamed of itself and the people in Iraq should be in jail. They are war criminals. They got in to Ashraf and murdered, they got into Liberty and murdered, they are war criminals. They committed crimes against humanity, and we negotiate with them, we talk to them and we prop them up.

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