Townsend: UN ran and left while Camp Liberty is in danger

Frances Townsend former White House Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, was one of the speakers in the greatest gathering held in Paris by the Iranian diaspora on June 27, 2014. She particularly touched on the issue of Camp Liberty and the responsibilities of the U.S. and U.N. to protect Camp Liberty residents. Following are excerpts of her speech.

Now before we start the program, Linda (Chavez) talked about the deteriorating conditions at Camp Liberty. It also includes, there have been no gasoline deliveries…

…what’s going on around them, outside the camp, well it continues, there are Quds Force people who are no training Badr forces. They continue to plan. The Iranian regime continues to support the activities of those who are outside the fence, who directly threaten those in Camp Liberty. And where is the UN? They ran, they left, they are not there, they are not doing their jobs, whether to bear witness and protect the people in Camp Liberty. So today, we must demand renewed action. We must demand some action from the UN to fulfill their mission to protect those at Camp Liberty from the dire conditions they are suffering from. Thank you.

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