In the greatest gathering held in Paris by the Iranian diaspora on June 27, 2014, many political figures and dignitaries attended and sent messages. Following is the text of message sent by Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Hello and greetings to all of you gathered today in Paris. This year we join in solidarity in Paris in remembrance of deadly rocket attacks on Camp Liberty and to demand of the people in Camp Liberty be able to live without fear and uncertainty.

Today is coming my friends, when the people in this camp are no longer the targets of terrorist acts, no longer the victims of violence, no longer left unprotected. I have called on the government of Iraq and the United States government again and again to do more to insure safety and security of the people at Camp Liberty and I am heartened that Iraqi leaders and administration officials now seem to understand how critical the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents are to me and many of my colleagues in the United States Senate. I call on Iraqi official to do everything in their power to prevent further attacks.

I told Prime Minister Maliki in person last year that his commitment to the safety and security of the MEK members at Camp Liberty is a critical factor in my future support for any assistance to Iraq. I want to acknowledge that the important role played by the MEK leadership and exposing the duplicity of the regime in Tehran.

We all know who ultimately holds the power in Iran and who makes decisions. Iran’s leadership has deliberately armed and trained Iraqi Shiite militias to bleed US forces in Iraq. It is state sponsor of terrorism and this will not change regardless of what happens at the negotiating table in Vienna or what happens in Iraq. The fact is Iran is interested in working with us only to the extent that it protects its interest in pursuing its regional hegemony goals. The fact is Iran has destabilizing influence throughout the region and continues to actively cultivate a network of terrorist and violent proxies across the Middle East. I made clear to the US administration officials at the safety and security of the MEK members at Camp Liberty must continue to be a priority. For that we stand in solidarity together.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.