According to the reports from inside Iran, the criminal Iraqi Major General who commanded the last September mass execution and abduction of Iranian opposition members at Camp Ashraf, has travelled to Iran last week to receive his reward from Iranian regime’s Quds Force for the atrocities committed and to be briefed on further crimes including systematic and large scale stealing of property in Camp Ashraf.

During his five-day stay in Iran that ended on May 20, Jamil Shemmeri, the chief of police of Diyala province, presented a report to the Qods Force on the actions taken by Nouri al-Maliki’s appointed sham committee to investigate the September 1 massacre on members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Shemmeri also received a new assignment to file more bogus cases and complaints against PMOI in court is Diyala province.

He received orders from the Iranian regime to conduct systematic and large scale thievery of Camp Ashraf residents’ property and made the necessary and practical coordination in this regard with the elements of the Qods Force.

In recent months, in coordination with the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government, Jamil Shemmeri was taken to a number of European countries to go to some international and human rights bodies to allege that the September 1 massacre has been a result of fighting within the PMOI and that the Government of Iraq has had nothing to do with it!
In numerous statements, the Iranian Resistance has declared that the commander on the ground in the September 1 massacre was Jamil Shemmeri.

For example, statement No. 26 on the mass execution in Camp Ashraf dated September 3, 2013 emphasizes: “On Saturday, August 31, Major General Jamil Shemmeri, Commander of Diyala Police, sent a number of officers of the battalion protecting Ashraf to forced leave so that they would not get information on the details of this assault and its perpetrators. On Saturday night, Jamil Shemmeri got himself stationed in Ashraf to command and oversee the operation.”

Likewise, as stated in statement No. 77 dated October 7, 2013: “Jamil Shemmeri, Head of the Diyala Police in Iraq has been ordered by Nouri al-Maliki and the Prime Ministry’s committee tasked with suppression of Camp Ashraf residents to offset an impartial and independent investigation of the crime against humanity which occurred in Camp Ashraf by stage shows and false reports produced by the so-called committee of investigation. This aims at helping the commanders and perpetrators of this crime including Maliki, Faleh Fayaz and Major General Shemmeri and other criminals to evade the consequences of this crime against humanity. The Maliki-style investigations is planned to, most ridiculously, represent the victims as perpetrators of the massacre in Camp Ashraf.”!