The Iraqi government continues to obstruct and stonewall Camp Liberty residents’ free access to medical services despite the death of a resident as early as five days ago due to the anti-human medical blockade imposed on the Iranian refugee camp.

Mohammad Babaii, a veteran member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), died on April 28, 2014, due to a 3-month stonewalling by the Iraqi agents that obstructed his transfer to the hospital.

He was the 19th PMOI member who lost his life due to the anti-human medical siege and Iraqi agents depriving the residents free access to hospital and medical services.

On Saturday, May 3, when the ambulance carrying patients was leaving Camp Liberty for a hospital in Baghdad, the suppressive Iraqi agents affiliated with the Iraqi Prime Ministry held the ambulance at camp’s gate for 1.5 hours upon fictitious reasons. Hence, patients lost the time needed to do their medical tests and take the results to the specialists. They had to return from Baghdad without achieving any results.

One of these patients, Mohammad-Qoli Ehsani, who suffers from acute heart ailment and is in critical physical condition, could not show the result of his CT Scan to his specialist.

In another anti-human measure on the same day, one of the Iraqi officers accompanying the patients entered the physician’s office and prevented the interpreter accompanying a patient from speaking in English as neither the patient nor the interpreter could speak with the physician in Arabic. This resulted in serious interruption in dialogue and understanding between the patient and the physician.

The Iranian Resistance warns about the health of Camp Liberty residents and calls on the U.S. government and the United Nations to adopt urgent measures to end the anti-human siege, to transfer the medical equipment belonging to the residents from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, and to secure residents’ free access to medical services in Iraq at their own expense.