The Iraqi forces under the command of Iraqi Prime Ministry climbed to the top of the walls of the camp housing Iranian opposition members in Iraq, covertly filming and taking pictures of various sections of the camp for reconnaissance purposes in the evening, on Saturday, 10 January 2014.

The Iraqi forces who climbed the walls in various flanks of the Camp Liberty, are commanded by Major Ahmed Khozair, a criminal member of Iraqi Intelligence who in the past four and a half years has played the highest role in suppression of Iranians in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty.

Prior to the September 1 massacre in Camp Ashraf, during which 52 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) were killed and seven taken hostage, Ahmed Khozair and his criminals subordinates similarly reconnoitered the area of the camp from top of the berm at north of Camp Ashraf’s main street.

Concurrent with these acts of reconnaissance, Iraqi forces have escalated their suppressive measures against the residents.

During the past several days, they have been hindering movement of black water tankers under various pretexts. Moreover, since Friday, 10 January 2014, they have been preventing the garbage vehicle from leaving the camp.

Meanwhile, not only the Iraqi forces continue to prevent replacement of temporary housing trailers destroyed and damaged during the December 26 missile attack with those in Camp Ashraf, but even prevent entry of necessary items to repair them, including nylon rolls needed for patch up the holes in the housing trailers.

On Saturday, 11 January 2014, the Iraqi forces insulted one of camp residents who was driving a utility vehicle. They assaulted and battered him, and throw him to the ground. Residents kept their calm despite the savage treatment and transferred the injured PMOI member who suffered wounds in his hands, to the Iraqi clinic at the camp. Obviously this behavior was aimed at provoking the residents in order to foment a clash and pave the way for a massacre.

While warning about the intentions of the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government to stage another bloodbath in Camp Liberty, the Iranian Resistance reminds the U.S. government and United Nations of their commitments regarding safety and security of Camp Liberty residents, and calls for their immediate intervention to end the abovementioned anti-human and tyrannical measures, and to provide the minimum security and humanitarian needs in Camp Liberty and to expel the criminal elements such as Major Ahmed Khozair from Camp Liberty.