Missile attack on Camp Liberty severely condemned by Iraqi people and MPs

45 Iraqi parlemantarians condemn fourth missile attack on “Liberty”

In a statement, Iraqi parliamentarians stressed that four heavy missile attacks with tens of dead and wounded, only in 2013, against unarmed defenseless refugees, whom the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has officially acknowledged as “persons of concerned” and asylum seekers, is intolerable.

December 26: Camp Liberty under missile attack by Iraqi forces for the fourth time in 2013
December 26: Camp Liberty under missile attack by Iraqi forces for the fourth time in 2013

The parliamentarians expressed their concerns for the seven hostages who were abducted in Ashraf four months ago and have not yet been released.

They also emphasized that the silence and extreme inaction of the international community, including UN and the US government who have specific and defined responsibilities to save these refugees, is the encouraging factor of these appalling crimes.

The parliamentarians added, “Claiming the responsibility of this crime by commander of a paramilitary group affiliated to the regimes of Iran and Iraq proves more than ever that Camp Liberty’s protection must be guaranteed by the United Nations.”

Religious leader in Iraq condemns rocket attack on Liberty

Dr. Sheikh Rafe Al Refaii, the supreme religious leader in Iraq condemned the missile attack on Camp Liberty, where members of Peoples Mujahedin Organization of Iran reside.

Dr, Refaii expressed his concern that to protect Mujahedin’s as refugees is to protect humanity and honor.

He added, “I condemn this criminal missile attack on Liberty in the severest tone. I hold Maliki responsible for all the crimes committed in Liberty and all over Iraq. It is absolutely unbearable to see Maliki playing the role of the Iranian regime and to pursue this regime’s goal for the murder of Mujahedin. I call for the protection of Mujahedin.”

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