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NCRI – As the Iranian Resistance has previously declared, Nouri al-Maliki’s principal objective in his trip to Tehran was to gain full support of the clerical regime for his third term as Prime Minister. Support from Iran is of added importance for Maliki after his miserably failed U.S. visit.

According to the latest reports obtained from inside the Iranian regime that, in this trip, Maliki agreed to all conditions set by the Iranian regime to support his third term as Prime Minister and accepted further obligations to serve the religious fascism ruling Iran. Some of these conditions are:

1. Absolute liberty of the Intelligence Ministry and the Qods Force in Iraq to conduct their intelligence, reconnaissance and espionage activities against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI /MEK) in Camp Liberty.

2. Providing continuous and regular reports of the situation in Camp Liberty to mullahs’ regime embassy in Baghdad by the Ashraf Committee in the Prime Ministry and Iraqi intelligence agents.

3. Establishment of a Qods Force Headquarters near Camp Liberty and providing daily reports on movements and intelligence related to PMOI (MEK) to this headquarters.

4. Intensification of pressures and suppressive measures by Iraqi forces against the PMOI (MEK) in Camp Liberty.

5. Pressure by Iraq on U.S. and European countries’ embassies for expulsion of PMOI (MEK).

6. Creation of a joint national security committee by the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government, made up of the two countries’ foreign ministries, embassies and security apparatuses to speed up expulsion of PMOI (MEK).

7. Taking into account all viewpoints and interests of the Iranian regime in the next cabinet and for forces and elements of Iranian regime to have the upper hand in the cabinet.

8. Iraq should not enter into any coalition against Bashar al-Assad or in any coalition in support of the Syrian opposition and should avoid any alignment with Saudi Arabia and Qatar stances on the regional issues.

9. Give an absolutely free hand to the Iranian regime to send weapons and manpower to Syria with Iraq introducing no hindrances; support of Government of Iraq for Assad’s regime and destruction of Syrian Free Army centers in areas near the Iraqi border.

10. Absolute liberty of the terrorist Qods Force in Iraqi territory, including total freedom of movement and transport of force and weaponry.

11. Revolutionary Guards would be given priority in Iraq’s principal economic projects.

12. Continuing and expanding facilities and means to the Iranian regime to skirt international sanctions, especially sanctions on oil, banking and import of important items.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 20, 2013