They used to lay down terms and conditions for selling 20 percent enriched uranium to us. Unfortunately, some of our officials were gradually becoming ready to give those concessions but after persistence and resistance by our youth, the world witnessed we no longer needed the enrichment produced by the US, Russia, and France.  All stated on the Supreme Leader’s English website. We ourselves produced the 20 percent uranium though the main problem in enrichment is moving from 4 to 20 percent unlike going up 20 to 99 percent that is a much easier path.

In sociological and psychological discussions in universities, we should study the reasons why most people are more willing to buy foreign products rather than domestic goods. Telling lies is bad but it is very good that sellers present their foreign products as domestic ones and this culture should be expanded.

Universities are very important centers. I am saying this based on a deep and heartfelt belief and I have reasons for saying so… Universities should not think that they are separate from the issues of the country. The issue of moral education is more important than scientific education. It should be done with a moral and spiritual orientation, with a spiritual delicacy and sensitivity and by reviving a sense of identity in all young students. They established universities on the basis of purging religion.