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Mr. Pompeo announced a list of 12 requirements that Iranian regime must meet before any further included many that Iran is highly unlikely to consider

Pompeo has threatened Iran with:

  • Strongest sanctions in history
  • vowed to use all economic and military pressure to “crush” Tehran’s operatives and proxies around the world
  • demanded major changes from Iran, and has vowed that the country will not develop a nuclear weapon: “Not now, not ever”.
  • Iran must declare all previous efforts to build a nuclear weapon, reopening an issue that the IAEA has already deemed a closed matter.

Iran should provide all the details of its previous nuclear program, including its military dimensions, to the IAEA.

Iran must stop uranium enrichment and never seek plutonium refinement. This includes the shutdown of its heavy water reactor.

Iran should give unconditional access to the IAEA to all its sites throughout the country.

Iran must end…

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