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pirouz-mansouri.jpgPolitical prisoner Mohammad Ali (Pirooz) Mansouri has been given an additional five-year prison sentence after spending 11 years in Rajaie Shahr Prison since September 2007. He has now been sentenced to five years of prison on the charge of “gathering and conspiring against the government” for going on a hunger strike and instigating prisoners, announcing his support for Mohammed Ali Taheri who is an Iranian researcher on alternative medicine, as well as condemning the execution of Sunni prisoners.

His daughter, Iran Mansouri, said that her father was transferred from Rajaie Shahr Prison to Section 209 in Evin Prison where he was under constant interrogations and pressure to participate in a televised interview. She also said that her father was denied the right to a lawyer during the trials.

Mohammad was arrested in the summer of 2007 after attending a commemoration ceremony for the victims of the 1988 massacre of political…

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