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On Tuesday night, April 24, the people of Marivan in the Kurdistan province clashed with the criminal Revolutionary Guards. The clash took place when Pasdar-Colonel (IRGC colonel) Kaveh Kohneh-Poushi along with another Pasdar, Latif Nikpay, murdered an inhabitant from one of the villages of Marivan. The people burnt down the houses of the two criminals in protest of this crime. The anti-riot unit started attacking and beating these people in support of the two criminals. The clashes, which lasted for hours, continued up to the Bu’ali Hospital in Marivan. Padar-Colonel Kaveh Kohneh-Poushi is a criminal with a notorious background working for the repressive organs in Marivan. He is extremely hatred by the people of the area.

In Baneh and Javanrood, the strike of the merchants and shopkeepers continued for the eleventh day. The intelligence agents arrested a protesting woman who was calling on people in the Baneh main street…

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