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According to the Iranian opposition NCRI the anti-human regime in Iran sent 19 prisoners to the gallows in Gohardasht, Urmia, Hamedan,Tabriz, Kermanshah and Ilam prisons. Eight of the executed were hanged collectively in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj on April 18th.

On the same day, Bahman Varmazyar, a young prisoner who was a sports coach, was executed in Hamadan Prison. A day before, a prisoner was executed in Tabriz’s central prison.

On April 23, nine prisoners were sent to the gallows. Five of them were hanged collectively in Urmia prion, three prisoners in Keramanshah, and on prisoner in Ilam.

Unable to deal with the deadly crises, in particular the increasing protests of the people fed up of injustice and repression, the religious tyranny ruling the country has increased the number of executions in different cities to intensify the atmosphere of intimidation in society.

Meanwhile, a 50-year-old prisoner Mohsen Parvas committed suicide…

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