In his sole 100 day report, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared the cabinet of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, his predecessor, as the most in debt cabinet with more than $57bn in liabilities. Now, after around four years, the debt owed by Rouhani’s cabinet has reached more $200bn, leaving it as the inheritance for the next president. This was only one example of the atrocious economic situation in Iran during Rouhani’s tenure.

After reaching the regime’s presidency in 2013, Rouhani pledged to loosen social restrictions, provide economic relief for the people and release political prisoners. Four years down the road, however, Iran continues to be known for its flagrant human rights violations. Rouhani’s report card shows over 3,000 executions. The windfall provided through the deal that claimed to curb Iran’s nuclear program has only been used to further fuel Iran’s involvement in Syria and warmongering across the region, purchase weapons systems and further drive the regime’s ballistic missile initiatives. And last but not least, the Iranian people have yet to feel any social or economic relief under Rouhani’s tenure.