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Senior U.S. and European government officials reiterate their hopes that Iran’s economic recovery and its rehabilitation into the global economy could help support last year’s nuclear deal and strengthen President Hassan Rouhani, whom they view as a moderate. Well, no court of justice scrutinizes anybody for his dreams, particularly when there is a great need for changing our world into a more peaceful and civilized one. The reality, nevertheless, does not always make our wishes come true. It is unfortunate that the glare of profitable business has made these officials commit a few miscalculations in their wish.
Many parliamentarians in the West express doubts if Tehran has done anything since last year’s nuclear agreement to reduce its support for terrorist groups in the Middle East. Iran has clearly remained a key supporter of Syrian dictator Bashar Al Assad.

At a time when security officials in Arab countries and elsewhere frequently report the detainment of Iran dispatched terrorists, or confiscation of truckloads of arms and explosive material souvenired for the regional terrorists; also when there is a growing concern about clerical and the Revolutionary Guards slurping Iran’s economy, it seems that any chances of economic recovery or Iran’s Ayatollahs being accepted among other nations are nothing but sweet dreams. This is a time for the rest of the world to be more vigilant rather than a time for rest.
A video clip that was recently put on the internet shows some young Iranian pupils of a village near the Iranian city of Kerman, who say each have been whipped eight times by their school master. Their offense was that their parents did not pay 30,000 Tomans (about $10) for school expenses. Parents in some other parts of Iran complain that their kids at school are forced to shoot the American flag. Iran is also the worst country for workers to live in. Not a single day passes without anti-government protests by workers, nurses, and government employees demanding their months of unpaid salary. Many of syndicate leaders have gotten long term imprisonment on droll accusations such as “threatening national security.” Iranian media is full of reports of economic deficiencies in this country with an Inflation rate soaring between 30% to 50%, and a mammoth unemployment, caused by greedy Ayatollahs and their anti-worker regulations.
With an excuse from the western businessmen who do not wish their sessions with Iranian officials be ruined, Iran stands on the second place, after China, in the list of states that have the highest number of executions. President Hassan Rouhani and his associates feel proud of seeing their people hanging from gallows. They say they are performing God’s will. Golrokh Ebrahimi, an Iranian writer and human rights activist has been sentenced to six years in prison. She wrote a piece that describes the emotional reaction of a young woman who watches the film, “The Stoning of Soraya M”, which tells the true story of a young woman stoned to death. This ended to her conviction of “insulting Islamic sanctities” and “spreading propaganda against the system.” Mrs. Ebrahimi’s husband Arash Sadeghi is also doing his term in prison for using his Facebook to send messages and emails to journalists and human rights activists – among them BBC’s Persian service.
Western investors can follow the advice of “don’t hear, don’t see,” but the reality is that more than 60% of Iran’s industry and industrial complexes are closed down or working only part time. The state newspaper ‘Siyasat’ published an article on 27 May 2015 that describes the dreadful economic situation in Iran. The article wrote, “70% of the entire urban and rural population across the country are living in poverty. The minimum wage is so low that families cannot make ends meet for even 10 days of a month”. Youth Journalist Club, on March 22 of this year, quoted Iranian regime’s economists as saying, “The poverty line in Tehran is 35 million Rials a month (around $1000)”. The median monthly income of workers this year is slightly above 8.1 million Rials a month (around $200). This is about one fifth of the minimum wage. All of this is when Iran’s currency, the Rial, has dreadfully lost its value in recent years. One US Dollar is now exchanged for 35,000 Rials compared to 1979 when a dollar was worth 70 Rials.

No dictionary or encyclopedia, in our world, defines the word “strengthen” along with phrases such as 60% of industry closed down, high unemployment rates, wages one fifth of poverty line, daily anti-government protests and more than one hundred times drop in currency. On the contrary all these indicate that President Hassan Rouhani has rather become “weaker” since he came to office. No matter how much some western politicians would prefer to disguise the most fervent advocate of terrorism but the truth is the truth. A supporter of the Iranian resistance once told the reporters that it would be better for the West to support the “people of Iran” rather than making deals with the Iranian government. “The Iranian regime is a threat for all of the Middle East, and the West should understand this,” he said.
Everything can all be summarized in the words of Revolutionary Guards official, Javad Mansouri, back in 2013: “If even gold rains upon Iran, the economy in this country will not be healed due to the corrupt structure we have.” (State-run ‘Siyasat’ daily – 27 May 2015)

Those who whip children in Iran have no shame either to destroy other children in Syria, Iraq, Iran or elsewhere.