By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Political prisoners condemn mullahs’ intelligence plot to murder and massacre their relatives and other Iranian refugees in Iraq. Since Camp Liberty is under UN monitoring, the political prisoners concerned with their loved ones in Liberty, are asking the UN to prevent the course that is leading to another deadly attack against Liberty

During the past week with plots and conspiracies escalating against Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty in Iraq, a number of political prisoners in Iran – whose main “crime” is visiting or having contacted their loved ones in Ashraf or Liberty have written letters to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressing grave concerns about the fate of their relatives in Camp Liberty.

During the past few weeks the regime in Iran, with the support of its operatives in the Iraqi government, has transferred dozens of Ministry of Intelligence agents to the vicinity of Camp Liberty, under the pretext of family members seeking to meet with Camp Liberty residents. On each tour these individuals station around Liberty for a few days and using powerful recon cameras they are seen taking images and video footages of the residents’ movements inside the camp and gathering all types of information.

The residents are strongly refusing to meet with these individuals, who claim to be their family members, and believe they are hired agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence that is using them as cover for terrorist activities and recon work to gain intelligence from different parts of the camp in preparation for future rocket barrages against Liberty.

The letters of these political prisoners clearly show that if an individual in Iran is not actually an agent of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and is truly seeking to meet their loved ones and relatives in Camp Liberty, they will be arrested by the mullahs’ regime and in some cases even executed.

The following are letters from political prisoners behind bars in Iran’s prisons to UN Secretary-General:

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