In the history of wars there have always been strange rare events that remain remembered forever. It might be hard for any reader to believe a human being has actually captured the image of her own murderer.

Fear and the love for life is a natural feeling for any human being, like any other emotion!
Wasn’t Asie afraid of the weapon aimed at her on 8 April 2011?
What helped her overcome this fear?
Love! Her love for girls that Asie had never seen before but always lived with, laughed with and cried with.
The nights that Asie slept with them in her mind, dreaming about her home country she had yet to see, imagining a new Iran where children are no longer forced to vendor on the streets to make ends meet…
Asie left America for Ashraf to join the largest and main Iranian opposition organization with this wish in mind and the dream of being able to see Iran one day, an Iran in which human rights would be the highest value of the land, and the smiles of mothers will be gifts to their children, a land without any gallows, no acid attacks, no one forced to sell their kidneys and ….
Asie left behind all one could ever wish for in a comfortable life and joined the Iranian Resistance because she never wanted life for merely herself. She had found life in the love of freedom and liberty, and sacrificed her all for this very love.
On April 8th, 2011, when an Iraqi army officer aimed his assault rifle at her, in order to obtain evidence of crimes against humanity committed on that day, she actually captured on camera the very moment her own murderer pulled the trigger.
How beautiful it is to sacrifice for others.