Fearing social and media openness, the clerical regime ruling Iran continues to repress Iranians, in particular the women by stationing moral police at street corners to harass and apprehend women loosely veiled.

One of the popular outpost for Iranian youth and women to hangout is Tehran’s Vanak Square, north of the capital. The repressive state security police stations units of what is called ‘moral police’ on this square to conduct raids and to arrest women under the alleged reason of improper dress code and veils. This new campaign was launched on Sunday, April 3.
“Repressive forces in Vanak Square raided restaurants and public facilities in this area, arresting any man or woman under the pretext of ‘public virtue’ and improper veiling. Those arrested were transferred to unknown locations with vans already parked in the area,” said one restaurant employee.
A heavy security climate was cemented in Vanak Square and its adjacent streets until noon on Monday.