By Nasrin Younesi

My country Iran has a 2,500 year history; the country of Cyrus the Great, where the first freedom charter was written is now in the hands of mullahs; savage animals who pretend to be human.
In all corners of the world, people rise up to demand their rights, and if their demands are not met, at least their voice is heard.
However, the ruthless mullahs have for the past 4 decades punished any voice of discontent with torture and execution. Yet given that freedom and liberation runs in the veins of every Iranian, they will pay the price, even if it costs them their lives.

I ask myself: what ever happened to humanity?

When Rouhani went to New York, what did they see in him? Didn’t they see the image of a youth dancing on the gallows on his forehead? Didn’t they see the 2,000 executions?!!!!!!!!!

I’m not talking about the 120,000 executions and the 30,000 who were massacred in 1988. I’m not talking about the mullah’s nuclear program. No, not at all;

I’m not talking about prostitutions and drug addictions;

I’m not talking about the mullahs’ embezzlements;

I’m not talking about the death of boys and girls that were 14 and 15 years of age

I’m talking about the tortures and executions that are the secret behind the survival and empowerment of these savage mullahs’, which has now spread throughout the region.

2,500 years ago the first freedom charter was written by Cyrus the Great; a time when humans were under slavery. Since then so many lives have been sacrificed in this path and the tree of liberty is a stalwart tree that is purified with the blood of innocent people.

When the monster of fundamentalism grew bigger and bigger it swept the Middle East and shed blood where ever it stepped foot in; Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria …. It sought the realization of its ancient dream of conquering the entire world at its footsteps.

The mullahs’ say everyone must follow their reactionary ideals. They are actually against the freedom charter and believe in slavery.

Today, not a day goes by that we hear news about the attack of fundamentalists against women; the abduction of girls in Nigeria; the stoning of a girl in Pakistan for using a mobile!!!!!!!!!! and thousands of other such horrible news.

Oh God! What is this?

The world must face this question: what is it doing by appeasing and giving concessions to the fundamentalist mullahs.

Does the world know that the price of such policies is not only the death of Iranian teens but rather many more innocent lives all across the region and world?!!!!!!!!

Why didn’t they ask Rouhani, why stoning? Why torture? Why do Iranian regime officials openly say that execution is our right?

Why don’t they ask how that is it that Khamenei is still echoing the religious decree to kill Salman Rushdi and there is no reaction to it?

Why isn’t the Iranian regime being prosecuted and punished for its interventions in regional countries?

Why don’t they understand that the nature of this regime will not change through negotiations and concessions? Why? Why? Why?