By: Mohsen Sardary

A report by London Economist estimated the amount of funds, regime of Iran spent on nuclear projects as more than 300 milliard Dollars. This report was published a few months ago and today we should deal with a much more striking number. Despite all that money– which, of course, resulted to more  impoverished Iranian population – Khamenei had to retreat from his declared, redlines he had repeatedly insisted on over the past 12 years. It seems relevant that the regime discharges its defeat on its foes, the residents of Camp Liberty, in Iraq.

A former US military base, near Baghdad international Airport, Camp Liberty, now holds about three thousands members of Iranian Mujahedin. The residents had to quit their former abode at Camp Ashraf to find their new home at Camp Liberty. Since their very first settlement, three years ago, the residents have become subjects of mistreatment by government agents assigned at Camp’s management by the former Iraqi Prime Minister. Nouri Maleki, who has at times, publicly, declared his fidelity to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had very close ties with Tehran.

By Maleki in office proxies of Iranian regime could easily mingle in Iraq to pursue their assignments. General Ghassem Soleimani, Commander of Iran’s terrorist Quods force was stationed in Iraq. On the behest of Iranian regime Camp Liberty was turned into a prison for its habitants. Severe restrictions prohibited them of free access to outside the camp and socializing with ordinary Iraqi citizens. The camp was subject to three rocket attacks perpetrated by mercenaries of Iranian regime in which fourteen of residents lost their lives and many others received injuries. Taking into account the two past massacres perpetrated by Maleki’s army, the residents have lost a total of 117 of their friends.

Logistic and medical siege are two inhuman means the reminiscent of Maleki imposed on the camp to make the life intolerable for enemies of Ayatollahs residing in this camp. At times entry of food or logistic trucks purchased by the residents into the camp or sending the sick to outside hospitals are banned by Maleki’s agent who still control the camp.

The latest incident is the blocking entrance of food, fuel, logistic, as well as swage water tankers into the camp. Residents say the same siege was exerted last year at the pick of summer heat. As of Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 none of these trucks have been allowed into the camp. This makes the conditions very hard for the residents as they are now in the last days of the holy month of Ramadan and, at the same time, the temperature is over 50 degrees Celsius. The extension of the ban on swage tankers will make the black water storage tankers to overflow which would cause different diseases in the extremely hot weather.

Residents have taken the case to the United Nations’ representatives (UNAMI) who have frequent visits to the camp. So far UNAMI has done nothing to help residents solve the case.

In case this blockade continues it would be a shameful record for UN and US government who have signed obligations to protect the residents of Camp Liberty. These residents need help to push Maleki’s agents off the camp’s management. Mr. Ebadi and the present Iraqi government should work to find a solution for Camp Liberty. Other dignitaries and lawmakers from around the globe can also help. The atrocities of the Iranian regime after its defeat in nuclear talks must be seriously pushed back. This regime neither should be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, nor to meddle into other countries, nor to violate international laws to suppress its foes in Camp Liberty.