Now the entire world has reached the necessity of overthrowing the Assad regime. Even in a US Senate hearing there were talks of evicting Iran from Syria and Iraq. An official even said Assad wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes without Iran’s support. As Assad is dependent on Tehran’s support, in your opinion, what do all citizens of the world need?

If we consider regime change in Iran as the principle demand to end its aggressions across the globe, this is where the anti-thesis to ayatollahs is found. Iran’s international terrorism cannot be stopped by the US or Europe. The ayatollahs in Iran have resorted to religion to manipulate the people of forming an Islamic state throughout the globe.

To see how the mullahs can be stopped, one should take a look at Tehran’s futile efforts to destroy its only alternative, being the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and its members in Camp Liberty. It may be hard to believe, but Iran is actually terrified of these unarmed refugees that have been besieged in a 500 square meter area for four years!

Truly, why does Iran never give up on its plots, conspiracies and even deadly attacks against these Iranian dissidents? The ayatollahs know that only this organization and its members, led by Maryam Rajavi, are the only hope for freedom and change in Iran. Thus, more important than any economic dilemmas, the nuclear agreement issues, embarrassments in the human rights violations dossier, the PMOI tops the list for Iran. The world can truly use the PMOI in their favor for the Iran problem.

One can find the answer to the Islamic fundamentalism problem in the Iranian people’s resistance. This movement enjoys the supports of millions, with a glimpse seen in their annual gatherings. This year they will be holding their at least 100,000-strong rally in Paris on June 13. The PMOI has 50 years of experience in struggling for freedom and democracy in Iran. This organization has all the answers to the ayatollahs human rights violations, nuclear weapons drive and international terrorism especially in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

Today the demands of the Iranian people and the entire world have become one: their common enemy, being Iran’s ayatollahs, must be set aside. The international community should support and recognize the Iranian Resistance as the only true response to the Iranian regime. From the major gathering in Paris the dictators in Iran must receive a strong message that their days are numbered.

By Azade A