By Ahmad Rahbar

The cold and faceless 4-meter high cement walls of Liberty, a camp adjacent to Baghdad International Airport, have separated me from the outside world. This is a prison where its detainees are jailed for having liberal, progressive beliefs in democracy and freedom.

Due to Tehran’s influence in Iraq, the management of this camp is in the hands of elements that actually support the Iranian regime.

The members of this camp management team are the same individuals who were involved in a number of massacres against the residents, and each day they add to their harassment. However, despite all this hardship the residents are determined that even if the conditions become one hundred thousand times harder than this, they will never quit their struggle to realize freedom for the Iranian people.

From day one that the first Islamic state came to power in Iran and the first caliphate of this “Islamic State” gave the order to cut-off hands, behead people and stone them to death, it became obvious for me that this was a clear and present danger for the world, and if we don’t stop there will be no future imaginable for our children.

Here I am talking to the mothers and fathers that wish the best for their children, topping the list a safer world for all people.

How do we intend to make this dream come true? We live in a world that is threatened on a daily basis by terrorism rooted in fundamentalism. From the Khobar Towers bombings in Saudi Arabia to the horrific 9/11 terror attack in the US, or massacres in the streets of Paris, Belgium, Australia and other European countries all the way to the heart of the crisis in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Is there any security imaginable in such a world?

With my personal experience of struggling against this evil phenomenon known as fundamentalism for the past 35 years, the answer is certainly no. Why? Because fundamentalism, now becoming an international threat due to the appeasement of Western governments, is inspired through its animosity against democracy. Therefore, as long as this ideology is in power in a corner of this world, no one will be secure anywhere. The fundamentalist regime ruling Iran, bent on having enmity against freedom, is the first in charge of fundamentalist atrocities in the 20th and 21st century. We must not forget that all these fundamentalist groups have enjoyed direct or indirect support from Tehran.

All this said, I am asking you mothers and fathers wishing a better future for your children, and all you youths seeking security and peace, please rush to the support of oppressed people of Iran and rise alongside Iran’s democratic opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran comprised of Iranian democrats and freedom-lovers. To realize this objective and gain more understanding on this matter, I invite you to the gathering of Iranian freedom-lovers in Villepinte of Paris on 13 June 2015, to see up close and first-hand the anti-fundamentalism beliefs. This is a gathering seeking to bring a better future, a future full of love and friendship, a future of peace and tranquility for those whom we love. We can and we must build this better future.