By Foroogh Moezzi

Should our enemy, savagely, attack us without beholding any positive point for us, should they disgrace us to the darkest color we would welcome it in a way, as not only it differentiates us from the enemy ,but also demonstrates the great achievements we have  embraced.

This was quoted from what a freedom fighter, of years ago, said about the enemy. This is what I have touched all these years since I first put my foot on this path. I spent years of my life, and my youth, in the darkness of the Mullahs’ religious dictatorship.

I have now won this opportunity of being one of the many members of Iranian people’s resistance against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Members of my family have all been supporters of the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). That included my uncle whom I never saw. He was put to death for his discrepancy to the Mullahs.  My mother and father, both, experienced dreadful years of imprisonment. The gallows erected to hang people; the suppressive forces bothering youth in the streets; hungry kids begging in the streets for a nibble of food; all that instigate any human with conscious to step forward to fight for freedom,  a difficult but a fragrant way.

And that is just where everything starts.  The enemy raids us every day, with its vicious attacks, massacres, physical and mental torture, conspiracies, insults and intimidations.  All of these will, eventually, clear away. Only stories of battle and devotion will endure

One of the recent crimes Iranian regime’s stooges in Iraq committed against us has been the destruction of the cemetery in Camp Ashraf, where our martyrs are buried.  Camp Ashraf was the former home of the Iranian opposition in exile. What they did to the cemetery was a bitter unbelievable event that turned me into total exasperation. Our martyrs’ graveyard is not only a piece of land. For us and for the people of Iran it is considered as human symbols who gave up their lives for freedom of others. I, myself, lost my aunt when Iraqi forces savagely attacked Camp Ashraf on April 8th, 2013. They shot her directly, in the heart, to kill her. She had tolerated years of torture in Iran for her defense of freedom. She laid down her life to defend the human Morales.

At the behest of Mullahs anti human regime, Iraqi forces surrounded and massacred us. It is now the cemetery, which holds our innocent martyrs, that is added to the crime records of the Mullahs, ruling Iran, in Iraq. For United Nations its silence and inaction towards this criminal act marks a stain on its history.  Keeping silent toward this disgrace is tantamount of stampede the human values. Which intent, religion or laws allow them to be silent on the face of such crimes? How far can the moral damages done by the dictators to the human face be witnessed but disregarded?

As far as the UNAMI and the Iraqi government are concerned they cannot and should not keep silent in the face of such crimes. Unless we believe that the entire world populations close their eyes and prefer to stick to their own interests, an effort that is tantamount to burying the humanity. How, on earth, that many violations of International Laws can take place?

We have been victims of these atrocities, only for the charge of freedom loving, just because we have said no to the religious fundamentalist rulers of Iran, only because we have said no to the dictators . . .  This voice will never shut up.

So, listen to your insight call and to your conscious. There is a voice calling you to stand up for justice and the human values. A sound that if not responded to today, tomorrow will be too late.