By Elham Kiamanesh

When you lose a loved one, you record all the love, memories and affiliation you had with them in your mind because you know that there will never be a next chance to talk or see her\him again. The only place that you can share those feelings of love, loss and sorrow, is when you visit their grave, which I believe all of you have once experienced this feeling; the feeling of comfort that you receive on your visit to their grave.

However, the Iranian regime has even deprived me of this feeling and opportunity and has severed this emotional connection with those whom we love and have lost. And unfortunately some of my friends and I have faced this bitter measure.

Very close to me after my mother was my aunt Mahboubeh Soofaf, who was killed in the US-Iraq war as a result of the appeasement policy between the coalition forces and the Iranian regime to bombard PMOI bases. Her body lies in the cemetery of Ashraf City, which has been destructed by the Iranian regime due to its weakness and fear of its only legitimate alternative, the PMOI.

My family and hers spent many years together and I grew up along her side. I was very close to her and she was like a mother to me. Her memories never wipe off my mind and I live every second of my life with her days alive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this opportunity to benefit from her presence as I grew… After she was martyred, I shared my memories when I visited her grave. This opportunity was also taken away from me 3 years ago when we were forcibly relocated to Camp Liberty; yet, I had a hope to visit it one day again…. Now, I don’t hold this hope any longer because the Iranian regime’s mercenaries have destructed her cemetery as well. So why does the Iranian regime fear PMOI’s dead, to demolish and let nothing remain?

The Iranian regime is continuing its reign on two pillars, the Nuclear Bomb with expansion of terrorism and suppression within the country. As a result of its nature, it could not let go of neither, so nuclear talks never reached a positive outcome. On the other hand, sanctions have become tighter, condemnations against its Human Rights behaviors is summing up, international pressures and the alliance against its widespread fundamentalism is growing wider and becoming worldwide; it’s losing base in its strategic and ideological countries like Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Yemen; and most important of all the legitimacy of its alternative opposition group, the PMOI is becoming wider and worldwide with respected, honorable and VIP personalities in former and present governments in its favor.

Therefore, the fear of losing the crown is real, so it must take it out somehow on its opposition to wipe them off the ground.

The Iranian government tried to bombard them, they remained stronger, they tried to let them die gradually by preventing them medical access and entering basic life necessities, but they remained more steadfast, Iranian regime tried to humiliate them through 360 loud speakers, yet they remained in place; so finally Iranian agents tried to break them down by disgracing their honor, love and memories by destructing, demolishing and ruining the cemetery of their loved ones, but they failed again.

No doubt, members of the PMOI who have chosen to sacrifice their life for their people and nation will never be broken down by the conspiracies the Iranian regime is implementing on them. They can ruin their cemetery, but their path and cause will always remain in our hearts to follow.

Elham Kiamanesh