concert-yazdThe Iranian regime’s authorities have cancelled at least two concerts in the past week in Iran for having women musicians in the group.

On Sunday, a number of women musicians were not allowed to appear on stage beside the men in an official sponsored festival in Isfahan.

The women musicians were forced to sit down and watch as only men played and the group was promised that they would be allowed to hold the concert later.

However, in the other location women were again were prevented from going on stage and the concert was cancelled.

Another group of musicians were not allowed to perform in the city of Mashhad on October 9-10 as planned despite having received official permission.

The authorities canceled their performance for using the term ‘concert’ when announcing the event by SMS message.

The authorities informed the group, by telephone, that using the term ‘concert’ is forbidden in the city.

These are not isolated incidents of repression against musicians in Iran under the clerical regime’s rule.

Last December in a letter to Ali Jannati, Minister of Guidance (responsible for press and arts censorship), a group of Iranian musicians called for an end to the repression against musicians in Iran.

The letter said: “The music community has witnessed an upsurge in security measures. The recent arrests are only the tip of the iceberg”.

“While in his campaign Hassan Rouhani promised change and open society, the requirement of a license to produce music should no longer be necessary. Moreover, it was hoped that women, who represent the half of society can actively return to the world of music. Unfortunately, not only there was no change, but it proved that music fans have found themselves in prison or in centers detention “, they said.

“Young people who had been engaged with their own resources and energies to promote music, imprisoned for two months instead of being encouraged.”

Finally, the group of musicians has demanded the release of all artists who have been arrested in recent months.

According to the misogynist laws of mullahs, women are not allowed to sing in public, nor are musical instruments to be shown on television.