A 65-year-old Iranian man killed as the Iranian regime’s suppressive State Security Forces (police) raided a building complex in Tehran on Sunday to collect satellite dishes from rooftops.

The incident occurred in Tehran’s Shah Nazari Street on September 28 when suppressive police stormed the housing complexes in the area and began collecting satellite dishes.

Mr. Ali Mohammad Khoei, 65, the manager of a building complex was killed when police physically assaulted him after he asked the police to present their identification cards and permissions before entering premises.

The assault caused him to fall down and die as a result of his head hitting the ground.

State Security Forces threatened his family members against providing any information on his death or pursuing legal prosecution.

During last week, the repressive forces have intensified the implementation of an emergency plan for removing satellite dishes which had begun in June in different parts of Tehran.

Meanwhile, warning about the extensive use of satellite in the country, a commander of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) said some 50 million satellite receivers are being used in Iran which has a population of 77 million.

He acknowledged that the repressive measures by the State Security Forces has failed to prevent the Iranian people from viewing satellite TV channels.

Prior to him, the head of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Court, cleric Ahmad Mohseni-Gorgani, told officials of the regime that “they need to take special measures to prevent this uprooting flood [of satellites] now otherwise tomorrow will be too late,” State-run Fars News Agency reported.

The attempts made by the religious fascism ruling Iran to prevent people’s access to satellite TV networks, along with widespread crackdown on online users and expanding Internet filtering, is an indication of the extent of fear of the leaders of the regime from people’s access to free flow of information as expression dissent by the Iranian people who are fed up with mullahs tyranny and oppression in Iran increases.