The European Iraqi Freedom Association strongly condemned the fuel, food and humanitarian blockade imposed against Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty by the Iraqi government. The statement issued by Struan Stevenson, president of the EIFA, follows.

27 August 2014 – The blockade of Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty near Baghdad continues. The 2,800 refugees, including 800 women, are now completely out of fuel. Generators have shut down. Water pumps are unable to work. Food stored in the refrigerators is now spoiling. Blackwater tanks are overflowing due to the Iraqi government preventing sewage from being removed from the camp.

On Tuesday 26 August 2014, the pumping of water to Camp Liberty stopped, as fuel for the camp’s generators finally ran out. Iraqi government forces have prevented fuel, food and medical supplies from entering the camp since August 16, causing catastrophic problems. The lack of generating capacity means the 2,800 refugees have no electricity, no air conditioning despite 50 degrees centigrade heat and now, no water. This constitutes a crime against humanity perpetrated by the Iraqi government who signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UN in which they guaranteed to look after the welfare and safety of the camp’s residents.

Already, a number of residents, including some of the female refugees, have become dangerously dehydrated and have been referred to Iraqi clinics for treatment.

The Iraqi government has also prevented entry of contracted septic tankers to the camp for the past 11 days, so that sewage is now overflowing from the tanks and causing serious hygiene problems for the residents.

The UN, EU and the US, who forced the residents to leave their home at Camp
Ashraf and move to Camp Liberty, have complete responsibility for the safety and

security of the residents and they must put pressure on Iraq to end this callous and merciless siege against innocent refugees today.

Struan Stevenson

President, European Iraqi Freedom Association