The UK Parliament (House of Commons) officially registered an urgent bill (EDM-1163) calling on the UK government to use its influence and authority as a permanentUnited Nations Security Council member to guarantee protection of Camp Liberty residents against the Iran ian regime’s plots and illegal measures and take urgent necessary action.
This resolution to this day enjoys the support of more than 100 MPs from all English parties, and it has been officially registered in the Parliament’s official website, with support increasing from other MPs.
In this Parliament resolution, presented by Brian Binley from the governing Conservative Party and other prominent MPs, condemned remarks made by Iranian regime judicial officials and the request to extradite members of the PMOI, the main Iranian opposition group.  Camp Liberty residents are ‘protected persons’ under international concern based on the 4th Geneva Convention and any attempt to return them to the country where they will face torture and execution is completely illegal and a flagrant violation of the ‘non-refoulement’ principle, the resolution states.