45 Iraqi Parliamentarians criticized UN’s inaction towards Camp Liberty. They have called for immediate action to lift the inhuman logistic and medical siege on the residents and to ensure their safety and security.

In their letter to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, 45 members of the Iraqi parliament have included the repeated breaches of agreements by the Iraqi government and the disruption by the Iraqi forces in supply and installing protective T walls

“The residents are deprived of a proper medical center that can be responsive to their needs,” the parliamentarians stipulated.  “Furthermore,” they added, “their movements to hospitals in Baghdad are disrupted by Iraqi forces.”

Iraqi parliamentarians have demanded that measures be taken to resolve the present situation in the camp by stationing UN Blue Helmet forces, returning the protective T walls to the camp, and stopping the harassment of the residents by Iraqi forces.

45 members of the Iraqi parliament have concluded their letter by asking for the dispatch of an independent international probe to investigate into the Sept 1st massacre in Camp Ashraf. They also called for the release of the 7 hostages and the disclosure of the location where the 52 victims have been buried.